• Closed Space...

    An empty space is what I found. The light made it seem impossible to imagine. It was like hell and heaven. Rock’s was surrounding the shallow. Moss shining, spreading around the rocks. I looked up and saw heaven. When I looked down it felt like hell. Things seem impossible.

    I went closer to the fresh moss. Touching it makes me feel alive. Smelling it makes me think of salt water. I listened, the harmony of water and birds sing made it sound so refreshing.

    Insects was everywhere near the rocks. I looked closer, the insects was adorable. ‘Crack’ I looked behind me. Butterflies were looming around me. Different colours made the sky more colourful and bright.

    Eventually, it was night. I found myself wanting to stay. Suddenly I remember my family. They are waiting at home for me. I took my bag and head home.

    (please read the description ^^)