• The end of this story
    Is a sad one, indeed
    Like a beautiful rose blooming
    From a bad seed
    And then it rots into the ground
    Like everything else
    This summer brought death
    And burned all the health

    Like a poisonous blood
    It burned through the veins
    Like an evil heart
    It caused all the pain
    Like a knife
    New and just polished
    It stabbed through the soul
    And it tore, demolished

    With shaking hands
    Teary eyes
    I write the end of this tale
    The beautiful rose
    Shining and bright
    Now begins to fade
    And wither with blight

    The disease courses through
    The unknowing mind
    And corrodes the thoughts
    And worsens with time

    So soon all you'll have
    Is the dead petals there
    Blowing with the wind
    In a summer so fair
    And you'll see the broken fragments
    Of a human that's lost
    And you'll know what pain
    This poison has caused