• When the people lays within their beds,
    Upon their pillows they rest their heads;
    Their minds wander to places unknown,
    To places that can never be shown.

    Some are bright, colors all around,
    Some are dark, where screams are the only sound;
    Others are calm, peaceful, tranquil and deep,
    Some we don't even realize we are asleep.

    Where is it that you go, when you slumber at night?
    Is it happy and serene, or are you filled with fright?
    Do you rest from your weary day,
    Or do your demons come out to play?

    Let me tell you of a girl, whose demons never went away,
    Each night as she slept, her mind filled with their wicked ways;
    People would cry, people would scream,
    Upon them, the demons feasted in her dreams.

    Within a dungeon her mind took her to stay,
    Standing in the corridors where bloody bodies lay;
    In horror she stood, watching them feed,
    Some laughed as the people did bleed.

    At first she was too scared to even breathe,
    For if she did, these sights may be the last she ever see;
    She instead ran, as fast as she could,
    But the demons would chase, until before them she stood.

    But one night, she chose not to run,
    For she slept that night, with in her hand her father's gun;
    For on this night, she chose not to fear,
    For on this night, those demons would soon disappear.

    As she closed her eyes, darkness filled her mind,
    And the corridors she waited, the sounds growing louder from behind;
    She turned and walked down the corridors of her dreams,
    Weapon in hand, listening to the laughter of those things.

    Tonight she would end it, she'd end it all tonight,
    She found two demons laughing and feeding with delight;
    Upon seeing her, their grins grew wide,
    But seeing what she had in hand, they're faces held surprise.

    They began to cry out, and rushed at her with haste,
    She took the first shot, and blood coated her angered face;
    "NO MORE!" she screamed as she shot over and over again,
    Now both dead, their faces blood soaked and frozen in pain;

    She smiled and walked away, the demons gone, her mind at peace,
    As she walked away, the dungeon shattered, her mind now at ease;
    She awoke that morning, smiling and bright,
    But what she'd soon witness was an unpleasant sight.

    Upon entering her parents room, a horrible shriek was let out,
    Their bodies did lay upon the floor, bloodied and cold;
    As she looked in horror, she thought of how it could be,
    The demons she fought in her sleep were now apart of reality?

    As she remembered the demons, and what she had done,
    She then realized that her nightmare, had only just begun.