• My Dreams are more like hallucinations,visions set upon me by some unseen force.You are haunting me,driving me insane from the loss of your touch.
    All night long you are with me,holding me,caressing my wounded heart,only to awake utterly alone.I am dying,dying from my own careless mistakes.
    You come to me hurting,tears in your deep blue eyes,
    I bring you close to me,I console you and Love every tear that streams down your cheeks,we cry together for hours,touching each part of the others body,
    only for rememberance.Apologies are not worthy enough,so our souls join together,our hearts beat as one in unison.
    The poison that has spread throughout us begins to dissipate,making our connection stronger.Before the night is done we are whole again,
    all tears are dry,all feelings have returned to there blissful,peaceful state.It is all in vain as I awake still not having heard your melodious voice.
    I am macabre forever in your absence,I am a lost soul wondering through this earth looking only to rekindle with the soul that matches my own,yours.
    Your are trying to hide your heart from me,in vain as we still connect from the distance that seperates us.You are with me always.
    You are the only Love I shall ever know,the only touch I shall ever recieve.All without you is blackened emptiness as my soul has been for three weeks now.
    I pray to you,plea to you,forgiveness.Only your warmth can make me whole again.I work tirelessly to prove myself to you,knowing you will always Love me,
    rich or poor so long as I learn to control my anger.
    I put myself in this situation and will die trying to pull myself free of its grasp and place myself back into your arms.
    I grow stronger with each day that passes and you have recieved my letters,yet weaker as another night goes by that you do not call me,see me.
    Allow me to rise again in your favor my Love,I beg you!I am only a Lover,a Lover of you,
    nothing else is important beyond you dreams,your desires to better yourself and me.
    I know that I must change for myself,but what good does it do without hope of having you again?
    I cannot better myself knowing that I have already recieved heaven and was cast out to die alone.
    I only wish to hear your voice,rejoice in knowledge that I can be with you again somehow.
    I await you my Love,I wait for your mind to cease and your heart to start pumping with the Love I shall give you.
    Let me show you how much you mean to me,help me to be Loved and change for the betterment of us all.Give me a sign,
    show me that all is not dead between us.I shall remain till my dying days chaste in wait for you.
    You hold all control and power over our Love now,
    please become aware that each mistake I make only makes me more capable of recognizing it again in the future,
    I will change and grow with you and before my death I will be the wiseist man on earth and the luckiest.
    I am yours forever,
    in Love and in suffering for both are at times the same,
    Please Forgive Me!