• Grab my heart steal it all for your own
    take my soul throw it down away
    eat my voice see all this pain
    steal my sight understand all these games
    take my kiss tell everyone how it is
    Grab my wrist in the bitter sweet
    slice it down with razors drawn
    tell yourself you had no blame
    every single little thing blame it on me
    take my angel wings and halo kill it
    tell the world of my blood thirsty fangs
    make everyone fear me all to run away
    bring me hope and faith destroy it
    tell me everything will be okay lies
    all this blood i steal from you sorrow
    just make sure that you'll be here destroy
    kill me every single moment you have
    blame all this little pain on me
    your the one that killed me my dear
    stake my heart one more time kill me
    let me bleed under the moon before the sun
    if i shall continuee my life today
    make sure you stake me before the sun appears
    i loved you with all me heart, broken soul...
    remember that it could never be at all
    for i am that thirst for only one thing
    tell yourself its all really just a game
    cross my heart and hope to die
    i was in love with you my little lie
    kill me in the night when i tell you again
    i love you darling
    kill my race kill my heart, my soul
    vampire princess dies tonight
    walk me down this road od pain
    hold my hand and tell me it will be okay
    blindfold me and make sure i don't fly away
    kiss my bloody lips and pray
    cluch the stake and promise me on thing
    i'll fly up to the heavens and sing
    stab my heart to end all this blame
    tell the world i was the one with all the blame
    the vampire princess fades away
    Roses of blood pierce the white moon
    we all fade away....