• I'm beautiful, I'm glorious, I’ll make you very happy,
    When you see me your mood turns the opposite of crabby.
    I could be for a minute, or maybe a whole day,
    You might just end up saying, it takes my breath away!
    Plink plat, pitter-patter; I make a lovely sound,
    This should give me away; I like to fall on the ground.
    Wherever I tread I leave a big, big mess,
    Some people love it but I leave the others in distress.
    I bring life and I give growth wherever I walk,
    Patter patter-patter is my lovely talk.

    When I come around, you are happy to have a roof over your head
    I bet most think that when they are trying to go to bed.
    I suppose I can't blame you for thinking that thought,
    But my peace and happiness just isn't bought.
    All that I ask is that you are glad when i come around town.
    Give me a chance; I swear I wont let you down!
    Just think about all that I do for you!
    Think, think! You'll find it's really true.