• Look into my eyes and what do you see?

    Not a creature of the night but a loving companion

    Here beside you. We are together in our trials and I

    Will defend you with my immortal life. The Darkness is

    Our battlefield and the Moon our saving grace. I feel

    Your pain and despair as your mortal life is difficult. I

    Ask you for forgiveness. You give in with a smirk.

    You are not alone in what you face. The pack is behind you

    Along with our strength. Do no be afraid of what tragedies

    Await you. Your loneliness is forgotten. Mortal eyes look

    Down upon us as they try to discover our true identities but

    Fail. My love for you is stronger than any other love and my loyalty bolder.

    Do not shy away timidly before me.

    The night is ours to tame.

    I am here to silence your fears, to make the world your playground.

    In the past ages I have gone wandering for a soul such as yours.

    Never doubt my passion and trust for you.

    For I am the night, the ecstasy, and you are mine as I am yours