• Temptation
    Unbreakable addiction
    Losing concentration
    More attraction, Temptation
    The thought of you comes to mind.
    The visions i seek of you, grow bigger.
    The scent of yours is so sweet, so light and so fresh.
    Your the start of a new day.
    The way your blonde hair moves, there like tiny yellow daisies.
    Your eyes, there so sweet, so pure and so loved.
    When i look into your eyes, i sink into them.
    Your hugs, there so warm.
    There's not a day that i don't think of you.
    Ever since the first day you walked in you captured my eyes, like they locked onto you.
    I can't resist you.
    The energy you bring is so joyful and so full of life.
    You seem so dangrous and exciting.
    Behind closed doors, when its just you and me.
    It feels so right.