• the mirror, the mirror
    the girl inside the glass
    staring out to the world
    from behind the looking glass

    the girl, the girl
    crumbled to the floor
    relieving every ones nightmare
    curled into a ball
    a living doll, she's chained
    to her mistress in the glass
    the one that’s always right
    when all she sprouts are lies

    the mirror, the mirror
    there’s no justice in a curse
    a dominating mother trapped to a wall
    destroying her daughter just to live in today
    evil and conniving
    but the mother is god

    the girl, the girl
    trapped in her fate
    won't run and can't fight
    she can't hate
    but is forbidden to love
    the girl, the girl
    wishes to be trapped in the glass
    so her mother can live
    and she can rest at last