• my minds racin and im chasin the unknown
    But it was once known, but now lost
    tryin to recover, lookin at the cross
    cuz everything else seems false
    I dont know what is true but even if i knew
    what would i do? scared of the future whether its right or wrong, the songs playin over and over in my head, but im fed up with the stress, im being put to the test but im ready for a rest, im in trouble, this struggle to find ones true self, before i melt under the pressure, this measure of heat is too much for one man to endure, im not even sure i can survive, but right now im still alive, tryin to get on the right path, before i feel gods wrath, but i cry and laugh, cuz im not even half way there, all i can do is stare, feels like a nightmare, cuz life aint fair, and im blinded by the glare of the light, thats preventing me from having a safe flight