• Screams echo through the thick air.
    Water slowly forms a sphere.
    We glance eagerly around;
    The time for Zanarkand Aids has come.
    Tidus in the lead, we walk into the water.
    Instantly, screams are muted, water swirls.
    Looking ahead, we grin eagerly at the Al Bhed.
    Signal from our captain and we swim to our places.
    Not knowing how we can breath, I smirk at our star.
    Tidus swims easily forwards to the blitzball in the centre,
    His whole manner portraying confidence.
    Within five minutes of planned maneuvers, we're up by three.
    Somethings not right, though. somethings gone wrong.
    As Tidus leaps from the water for the ball, his expression turns.
    Plainly horrified, time seemed to slow.
    Taking a quick look around, the teams noticed something abnormal.
    Somethings coming.
    Somethings destroying the city.
    Somethings inflicting pure terror around.
    And then the teams realise something that urns their blood cold.
    The water is changing.
    The shape is crumbling.
    The ability to breath is gone.
    Cold, then hot, then nothing.
    Time stops.
    People suspended in their dash for life,
    Lights wink out, bridges collapse.
    Albhed and Zanarkand Aids plummet as one,
    The blitzball match completely forgotten.
    Smashing into the debris-littered floor,
    They scramble to their feet, running away from the stadium.
    Children trip, old fall, and only the teams are left running.
    Where to, though?
    The deadly water churns below.
    Machina refuse to work.
    Buildings fall and monsters conquer.
    One by one, the citizens of Zanarkand fall.
    One by one, the stories of Zanarkand end.
    Undeterred by the carnage, the penance of man moves on.