• Tunnels so dark
    With no idea where they lead
    I follow blindly in the darkness
    Hoping to find what I'm looking for

    I cry and scream out
    "How am I supposed to know,
    What's going on,
    Or where I'm headed?"

    I feel something inside me
    "That's not for you to know now,
    I'll take care of everything,
    Just follow me."

    So I walk aimlessly
    Not knowing where I'm headed,
    But feeling like I should go in that direction
    And then I see it.

    Far off in the distance
    I see a light shining bright
    Calling out my name
    I start running towards it

    "As I told you,
    I'm here for you,
    I will never leave you,
    And I will never give you more than you can handle."