• Bound with string and toyed with the heavens above
    A toy whose a boy who won't believe in love
    Cynical and scratchless, it's not a sign but a dove
    Clinical depression, it hurts to acknowledge this
    corny ******** stuff

    But bound makes us weightless and tidal waves are crashing
    Longing and witless - temple to temple bashing
    Lashing, he smiles taking a while
    Is it a sin to defile?
    With all this audacious damn guile

    But the mind is a sanctuary, I'm king of the palace
    Lets not get lost in wonderland, now won't we Alice
    But tiny fireflies, queens of dire lies, will have me drink this chalice
    of sin, isn't it? for such blatant escapism

    A schism
    My brain that's lain that came upon such wisdom
    Bitchin' is livin' - when it's all said and done
    Just for fun
    Do all you can, live life to the fullest, and then what
    Look in the bag to see what you've won
    Nothing? That's what we call wisdom

    A pendulum
    But lets not define what we can't define
    I lie, but honesty's a virtue - right?
    That's what we call cynicism
    Said the boy with clinical depression

    The boy whose a toy who might just be in love
    But he doesn't believe in it or the heavens up above
    But that is of little matter, they mess with him still
    The cynical kid who laughs at free will