• Apitamy of random
    is all but just a game.
    It's spelling and bad grammar
    all in one name.

    It's going back and forth
    when there's only up and down.
    It's smiling at unusual things
    that normally make you frown.
    It's cutting a fart,
    in a silent room.
    It's staring at benches
    and saying 'KABOOM'.
    It's the crack in the wall
    that was caused by a ball
    or maybe a fall
    who knows at all?
    Ooohh, pie smile

    It's when bones are cracked
    where intestines should be,
    and when band aids are put
    over binoculars to see.
    It's when your cloths
    are in the toilet,
    and food is
    in you dresser.
    Where my pillow is a
    and the dog
    is Uncle Fester.

    It's when my random rambling
    Actually starts to make sense.
    And why that kangaroo
    Is hopping a barbwire fence.

    It's the hooded figure
    taking that little girl.
    And it's that chocolate hippodromes
    Trying to eat that squirrel.

    I know my utter non-sense
    has nothing to do with you.
    So why are you still reading?
    You wanna lick my shoe? 3nodding