• War isn't riding into battle,
    seeing the golden banner waving for victory,
    shouts of men aiming for triumph.
    Nor is it honor glinting on the edge of a sword.


    War is the bitter taste of fear on your tongue,
    the copper smell of blood hanging in the air.

    Hearing bullets whistling inches away from your heart.

    War is the waking to screams piercing the black night,
    the knowledge that you are being hunted.

    So why do we fight?

    It brings neither nobility, nor strength.
    It kills everything in its path.

    Because its hunger for corpses is never sated,
    Its thirst for souls never quenched.

    War destroys cities
    and leaves countries in ruin.

    Do not mistake War for the glory so many men want
    or you doom the world to blood, darkness,
    and fear.