• your hair golden like the sun
    with curls so elegant and long
    your eyes sky blue
    they shine so bright.
    as i look deeper in your eyes
    i see your cheeky side
    yet there glaze and clouded
    yet there so beautiful
    i must be careful not to look to deep
    for fear of being hypnotised
    into a deep deep sleep
    your lips so plump
    so full
    so sweet
    so tender
    so sooft
    my love for you is so deep
    i feel your embrace
    so strong i am so weak
    you knock me off my feet
    you have the strength of 90 men
    as your arms are gripping around my waist
    i feel something soft like velvet
    before i no it i feel something
    stroke the skin of my neck
    a sharp pain shoots through me as your fangs sever at my flesh
    i yelp at first
    but then the over wealming sense of peace takes over my soul
    exstasy i now no
    you beloved imortle have taken over my soul