• A poem of a girl who's boyfried who she met at a bar became addicted to drugs after he tried marijuana, on 4th of july he start doing some in front of her but she told he that she was leaving because she didnt want to do it with him when he offered. She cried under a tree for a few hours waiting for someone to pick her up but her boyfriend found her and said that she upset him and that he wasnt kidding around and wanted her to apologize. She kept saying she didnt mean it and wanted to be with him because she loved him. They left on a odd note. The next day the boyfriend over facebook yelled at her and broke up with her. They were on chat and as soon as she saw they sentence "I'm breaking up with you." she grabbed the pocket knife she bought herself for self defense on Christmas even though he said it was useless because she wasnt pretty enough to need it and killed herself.... Just before he could apologize...

    Your my light,
    shining star,
    what a sight,
    in a bar,
    You flick your hair
    brown and silk
    do I dare?
    head at a tilt,
    smile at me,
    I wave with a short glance
    anyone could see
    my heart doing a dance,
    I spoke a few
    you laugh,
    I didnt know what to do,
    should I dash?

    Years go by,
    we are one,
    without you I could die,
    our world spun.
    You rolled it up,
    sucked it in,
    a item so corrupt
    a lifes sin.
    Blew it out,
    why do it,
    without a doubt,
    you didnt understand one bit...

    This 4th of July
    I said no,
    Spoke buh bye,
    and hung my head low...

    I cried,
    under a tree,
    though with me you don't reside
    your appearance filled me with glee...
    Though you ruin your life,
    those words I did not mean,
    you said i filled you with strife,
    that this wasn't a dream...

    The next day,
    You left me behind a keyboard,
    filled with sweet words of hate,
    but then your apologetic words...
    came too late...

    My pocket knife served me better than you
    on this depressing date...