• I thought I could stay away, just say good bye
    That all the love for you would float out of my mind
    I was wrong, just so stupid
    So impossible to stay away from the one who makes it hard for me to sleep at night

    I wish u could know, wish I could tell you
    About things that I am feeling for you
    This girl can’t stop engraving u on the inside of her heart
    A coward is all she is, all weak at the knees
    Can’t stand it, just hates it
    How could u do this to me?
    Use to spit on thoughts of love, now I just don’t know cuz

    you’ve got me screamin in the morning
    I’m a loveless, nerves wreck
    From the time u come into my mind to the time I go to bed
    And I’m addicted to your texts and the way you make me smile
    You might not be the cutest guy but you’re the only one on my mind
    I don’t want your friend’s attention you’re the only one I want
    Please listen to me........