• I know that never learn from my mistakes
    But u already know that I'd do whatever it takes
    I told you too fast, Its like Déjà vu
    I'm not thinking about the song, I'm actually thinking about you
    I screwed up, I can't believe I did it again
    I need some help from a god, maybe an angel from heaven
    I never think straight, I never think before I act
    But now its about time for me to come face the fact
    To admit the feeling that I've been longing to tell
    I'm choosing a path but they all lead to hell
    Why is it that they try to make my life hard
    I'm holding back my heart that I'm trying to guard
    I let my heart go and I've already gotten hurt once
    Getting hurt again would make me even more of a dunce
    I know that someday someone would come to take my heart
    But I hope she doesn't come and go tear it apart

    For all the hard times that I had to face
    I wish the good memories would come back and replace
    All the bad times that made me feel so down
    I listen up and all I hear is the sound
    The sound of music flowing through my veins
    If I told anyone this they would probably think that I'm insane
    To put together a song of what I want to say
    I can't speak directly, I hope this is another way
    To let you know that I've been only writing for two years and a half
    But nothing makes me happier than your cheerful laugh
    I've never written for someone famous before
    I hope I do before I can't write anymore
    I can't seem to get these thoughts outta my head
    But I know it’s a lot better than whatever I said
    And now for the end as the seconds go by
    You should look on up and stare straight into the sky