• Can't breathe, sing, or move a thing
    Im starting to wonder about deathly things
    Numb, weak, crying out
    My voice is cracked and fading now

    Have you ever wondered about life's journey
    Where we started and where were heading
    Having you ever cried til your tears run dry
    I have, i've died and nothing's inside

    Don't give up hope someone's there for you
    you might not know it but its really true
    Don't let them beat you down your worth alot more
    No truer words were said by the lord

    It seems like everyday a battlefield starts and ends
    The world is living in theses crazy sins
    life is hard you feel alone
    Listen to the wind and find your way home

    Don't give up hope someone loves you
    You may not feel it but it's really true
    Don't cry so much it'll be ok
    Wipe your eyes because the lords on his way