• Dearest Felicia,

    I begun to hang myself in the night.
    With all the things I've done to you
    Hiding all that is true
    Bending them into the lies that you know
    My scars have never healed
    And bleed open when I think of you
    Knowing That I can't make it up to you
    No matter what I do
    In the end I know now
    Just don't know how
    Things got so far down
    Nothing I do, will be unfounded
    When things are so grounded.
    When things split down the center
    Of those I knew before.
    Dealing in shadows is all I know
    Sleeping away the light that is given to me
    But you kept my heart from falling apart
    While I was ripping yours out
    And knowing without a doubt
    It was all shots into the dark
    Always right back to the start.
    So many words that will never come true
    From all the things I do
    Now that your gone, I know I was wrong
    How I long to be in your arms
    Cause you make me feel whole.
    Ending in echos
    Will leave only those
    Screams into the silent wind of the night
    As I fade from your memories out of sight
    This is my final letter to you.