• You say you like me
    Yet you never call
    You say you love me
    And you cant help but fall

    I sit here waiting
    For my phone to ring
    I wait for days
    and still nothing

    My belly hurts
    From all the butterflies
    It cant be fixed
    All I can do is cry

    You are a dream
    That’s out of my reach
    Someone whos there
    But I will never see

    I breath hard
    I never talk
    My mind is racing
    At my every thought

    Can dreams come true?
    I wish they could
    Yet my phone hasn’t rang
    Maybe I should…

    No I just cant
    I need to know
    If you truly love me
    My phone would blow

    Do you care?
    I want to know
    If you don’t
    Then I will go

    Where are you?
    My heart Is aching
    Why haven’t you called?
    My heart is breaking

    My thoughts are madness
    My heart is a wreck
    You don’t even like me
    I can hear my heart beat in my neck

    How dare you
    Get my hopes up like that
    You made me want you
    And you never text back

    You were a dream
    Dreams don’t come true
    They let you live
    And then they kill you