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Willy's Log/Entry Book
Basicly me and truly me only!
My Journals begening and My challange to YOU!
smile Alright, i'm going to start my journal, but i have a challange to you all! 3nodding This especially goes to my friends that read this.... Ask me a Personal or General question, and i will anwser them without any lies or secrets eek ... So, this is the best excuse to make me spill anything you would want to know about me whee .... so start asking, beacuse i just can't wait! biggrin xd

Ok, lets see.... Welll, My Name is William Alejandro Guzman Sanchez, I'm 14 years old and going to be 15 the January 23rd. I am a Freshmen in my highschool named "Instituto Juventud". And i am from Dallas, Texas, but currently live in Mexico, in a village called "Garcia". I live here with my mother and little brother, and my fauther is in the United States.... Eh, I think thats about it.... I'll post more when something occurs me or you all give me a "challange".... Honestly! Ask me ANYTHING! I'm game to see what you can make me "spill" or write about myself..... So Come On!! Bring it on!

Signing out!

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beta radio
Community Member

Sun Jan 25, 2009 @ 02:43am

razz first comment

crucifix of fate
Community Member

Tue Mar 17, 2009 @ 12:20am

tell me witch girls every 1 you know! send um to me in a PM or tell me at school so tell me! and adding a joke question...are you sexualy confused xd

Community Member

Tue Mar 17, 2009 @ 08:53pm

Well about the girl's you should be recieveing a PM about that... And as for you question of Sexually confused, no i am not, though i act strange and act without care if it's gay-ish or whatever, but it's because of the CONTRARY of what your question asks....
Let me put it this way, you might walk up to me saying that i look or seem gay because of the way i act or etc, but i know i'm not gay and i know what i "want and like",etc. So as for that question, No i'm not sexually confused, i'm just tolerent & secure about myself (Sexually)
*In between () because i might be "unsecure" in other things that doesn't have to do with a sexual theam...*
Well thanks for asking... Tie Guy... <_< ...
*Couldn't he have thought of something better to ask?*

User Comments: [3]
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