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Willy's Log/Entry Book
Basicly me and truly me only!
Memories of a 5 year old: Like when i crashed my bike!
Well the last of my memories of mine at the age of 5...
My first bike and my first crash... On the same day... (Yeah the title was right!) :
Well my parents had gotten me a nice red bike, and i loved it.
They let me go outside to play with it after lunch, and i left running on my bike... I started off bashing my body on the floor and walls, my mom saw me strugle and got my father to catch up with me at the parking lot and he ,he held my bike as i peddeled, he let me go, i kept peddling, and turned around and noticed i was doing it alone. I was so happy that i ran circles around the parking lot. I stopped near my dad and he ran his hand thru my hair and patted me as he congratulated me, he left inside and said i had a few minutes before getting inside. I ran more cirlcles around the parking lot and soon as i pass a corner that went to another part of the apartments, i went towards it and as i turned the corner, a red roofless sports card speed up and hit me.
My bike flew under the car and i hit the wind shield with the left side of my face stuck to it.(Like in the cartoons!) I shook of the blow and saw the angry lady yell at me and threathen to talk to my parents...
When i heard that i quickly got my bike and rode off quickly to the "Colosuiem", I waited there until the lady left the parking lot thru the front gate.

The Greatest Battle of Hoth xp (It was like a game mixed up of: Whack-a-mole & Forts, with the added fun of digging tunnels!)
During one winter, we played snowball fights near the sandbox, that at that moment was not done yet, We played with various kids aside from Carlos and I. Soon a kid was preparing to throw a snowball at Carlos when he sank into the snow and desapeared...
We all yell, "AHHH!" with a bit of horror in our faces, until from the snow we heard him yell, "Hey guys i'm fine! I think i'm in the sandbox, cuz there wood." We all ran over to see him under the sand box, since it wasn't ready they only had a few planks of wood criss-crosed on the square box. He soon yelled, "I'll be back!" We saw him crawl then he desapeared. We watched into the hole until a kid yelled, "Are you alright?", he awnsered, "Look! I can make tunnels here!
A few sid "Really?" and ten slowly we all got in there. We descovered we could make tunnels under the sandbox and we could hide on the wood plank then pop out and fire snow balls. Soon we made a game where we had to have teams of two, 1 to protect the "Fort"="Sandbox" and the other team to capture the fort. We had alot of fun with that game, and i especially liked digging tunnels and poping my eyes out to check for "invaders", only to get hit in my eyes and fall back into the tunnels. We did have a few "cave fallings" where the snow would crumbled and close of some tunnels or worse, crush a kid xp
Usally when that happened we'd all jump in and dig out the snow to get out the trapped kids and patch up the tunnels... This of cousre happened everyday, so we got used to it...
once we all got on a plank and then counted to 5, as soon as we said 5 we all poped out of the sandbox like a whack-a-mole game and we fired out snowballs at each other, we'd stop to check who we shot and who could hold thier balance and fell down bellow.
( I really miss the snow...)

The Crystal Ice Ball:
When i first got out to the snow, i wore two giant over-sized jackets, and i looked like a huge puff ball of red and blue, i had to waddle like a pinguien and i couldn't see my feet without bending over. I remember i tried picking up snow to make a ball, but i fell over hit my face in the snow and thanks to what i was wearing, i hade to roll from side to side trying to get up... After a good 15 mintues i finally got up and bended over again for snow. I then made a snow ball and an inside, i walked in took off my jackets and took the snow ball to the freeze to "conserve" it. Sadly i was mistaken... A few days later, i checked up on it and it had turned into a some what hazy-clear deformed ball. (It loked like a cystal ball to me...) Not know what to do with it, i took my fathers' advice and cracked the ball with a hammer and gave 1/3 to my mom in her glass of water, 1/3 to my dad in his glass of beer and the other 1/3 in my glass of applejuice. ( I REALLY love juice especially apple flavor...)

The Tunder in the Storm: (Pretty short story)
I was runing thru the streets with Carlos from my school to my house while it was raining. We kept running while we held our backpacks on our heads to shield us from the rain, until i stoped to see something shinny on the ground. Carlos hid under a tree when he noticed i had stoped running with him and waited for me.
I picked up the card, and it turned out to be a holografic Zapdos pokemon card. I quickly showed it to Carlos and we continued on our way home....
(I still have the card, alittle crunched up from when it got wet that day.)
The Explosion of Apartment #103 and the Tragiety of Today:
I remember when one day as we returned from home, and by we i meant the kids that lived at my apartments and i, we saw smoke coming out from behind the main office building near my apartment building. We ran to find out the whole entire second floor of the building,a parking lot across mine, had exploded thanks to an old lady that forgot to turn here gas stove off and left to the corner store for groceries. It left a huge charred crater where the second floor was, and i remember the aprt # was #103.
Speaking of those apartments and explodsions, my father told me about a two or three months ago, when he left to Dallas, to those apartment, when he got there there was no apartment in site... It had been burned down in flames... As the report goes it seems a similar accident happened in the aparment buuilding next my old one had expleded in a apartment and lit to flames... And that it caught to fire everyother building there. There's a suposed consiracy that the landowner and manager were going to cash in on the apartment's insurence...

The White Tiger Cub:
In my school the circus had come into town and they had a offer that you could pet and take a picture with a White Tiger Cub. My mother imediately paid and days later i got to be with the audutarium stage with the cub. I pet him and hugged him and played with him for a good while. Then they got me to put my hands around the cub on a pedestole and took a picture. I still have the picture, it's right here in my room. After that i pet it somemore then said goodbye to it and kissed it good bye... Yeah we were both so adorable :whee!

My Iguaana, Lives on... :
I had a iguaana, we took care of him and gave him everything he needed... But he would always stare at outside like he really wanted to leave, and inside we all knew he wanted to...
One afternoon, we find he's not in his cage and the chain linked caged was opened in one side. The glass slider door was open so we knew he left... I really believed he would come back, especially when i saw him in a tree. I waited all night on a chair in front of the slider door, and he never came back... My parents found me wide-eyed awake and i told them he hadn't come back... I still believe he's in those apartments... Somewhere in the trees and the palms...

Early Childhood Trauma, the reason behind my pesimist attitude and my "depression"... :
Have you noticed how, when kids notice or are tld of something importent, but they really don't understand... An example would be like a family member dieing. When they're told thier dead or "taking a very deep sleep" they don't really get the big picture and don't see the what really is going on... Mabye a few would cry, but they just don't queit get the big picture... Sadly that wasn't my case...
When my Father's Mother, my grand-mother died, i was heart-broken and torn apart, i cryed for days on in... I really loved her, she was a great grand-ma, she would bake cookies, she always had her water-jumping goldfish on top of her piano, and above all she had taught me how to play the piano.Even right now i remember her playing the piano with her goldfish jumping out of his bowl... Even now tears fall down my face.....
Like i was saying, most kids would not mind or remember or know hat really is going on and would forget what happened soon after... But me, i understood what death was when my mother tried explaining it with the bible... I read it and read that we would all die... That amde me worse... Soon m mother had to turn me in to the Counclers' office and she tried to make me better or whatever, but those corridors of that school was filled with my weeps and my yells... I just couldn't bare the tought of everyone dieing... I just didn't want anyone i knew to die.. I didn't want to see anyone die, and also, I didn't want to die...
4 weeks later they said i was better and my mother didn't worry no more and even forgot of that time, but i was traumatized by that experience and know that, just changed me over the years...
There's night when i think of this,it consumes me and just start feeling low and hurt, basicly depressed... And i just start crying, i'm just haunted by this and i don't even like looking back at this, but even now... As i write this, i weep over my laptop...

My Favorite TV shows:
Moving on....
Around that time of me being 5, i watched the Power Rangers, Teletubies, Barney, etc. But my most favorite shows i watched were:
1.Bill Nye the Science guy
They were the best show that i watched. Bill Nye made me intested in Science, WishBone made me fall in love with reading and Pokemon was my favorite cartoon, after Pokemon, my other favorite was Digimon... And they still are...

Finally... The Day i moved... :
My amily usally stay together, my ants and uncles and etc, wold live near so we cold maintain the famly conected... Soon all my uncles and aunts went from Dallas to San Antonio, so my parents planed to move... They packed everything and one very early morning before the soon rised, we pack everything into our VolceWagon (The van you would see hippies ride in xp ) and we left right at sun rise... Before we left i wanted t say good bye to Carlos... But may parents advised didn't so i did not... But i still regret not running to say goodbye... Today i honor him by Remebering his name: Jose Carlos, and by celebrating his birthday on March 4th... Where ever he is out there, God bless him... May i never forget him and all my other friends...

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Community Member

Wed May 06, 2009 @ 02:09am

Sorry it took so long, i would take breaks since it was long to write and that one part got me feeling "low" so i left the house and bought soda to drown my sorrows then got back to work...

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