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Willy's Log/Entry Book
Basicly me and truly me only!
Childhood memories- Like the time i stuck a fork in a outlet
Alright, time for my Childhood memories... (These are memories of when i was five and living in an apartment in Dallas,Tx...)
5th Birthday:
This is the very first thing in my memory of my childhood... I have no memory of anything before this. Well it was my birthday, and my parents had gotten me a cake.
I was so excited, but there was someone i wanted to invite. A boy, the same age as me and in my class as well, by the name of Jose Carlos. I asked my parents if i could go find him, since i had barly become friends with him and i didn't quite remeber where he lived, all i knew was that he lived in the same aparment as me but the aparment # was still fuzzy to me...
So i after standing in front of my aparment door thinking of the number as hard as i could, finally a number bubbled up in my head. I went ahead and found the aparment and out came some twins, i asked if Carlos lived there, and they only shaked thier heads. Seeing as i couldn't find Carlos i invited them...
I have a photo of me with my arms in the air and jumping in front of my cake with them besides me...
Later i found out that Carlos lived 20 # more then i had gotten... sweatdrop

The "Colosium":
We had a huge sports yard that was actually intended to be a HUMUNGOUS pool, but seeing as it would be WAY to deep for anyone, trust me it would have taken more then 25 kids to reach the very top of the "colosium" from the ground to the top...
Well we named it the colosium, since kids would watch from the very top while kids would play "fighting" sports like water ballon fights, Slingshot hunts, dodge ball , etc...
Every kid that lived there had a cut, bruise or scar made there... xd

The Mysterious Garage into the Darknes of No Return:
Yeah, it was the garage door into the maintence building for the apartments. Many kids were afriad of it for it's strange nosies, scary stories told about it, and it was pitch black dark...
One day i decided to follow someone into it, and Carlos and another guy followed in behind. At first i stood near the ramp to it's entrance, watching some man go in, then as Carlos and Co. came up to me and put there hand on my shoulder, i was spooked and i droped my ball. The ball rolled down the ramp and into the darkness... I imediantely without thinking it over, i ran in and Carlos and Co. instinctively followed to "save me" or "just watch me desapear or get eaten by a monster"... We crouched and walked against the wall until we found some greenish light coming from a room with plastic windows. We saw the ball and i ran over to it and got it. We got together in the light and talk wherer were we and what would be going on here... Suddenly the man from earlier saw us through the plastic windows and came out with a wrench in his hand we imediantly started running and yelling out. When we were out side we hid near the "colosium" and watched as the man came out and eyed the area out then he left... We started laughing when he left, weither we laughed from being scared or beacause it was fun and exciting, will probably never know... (Though i laughed because it sure was an adrinaline rush)

The Monster in the Pool:
One afternoon when a few of us kids where out on our porches something called the attencion of a few kids, soon they rounded every kid in our block to met up in front of my porch. Many kids where reporting "the shadow of a monster" near my aparment building near the pool, soon they made search team of all the kids there, and I was pair with Carlos and his older sister. We search all around the "colosium", until most kids gave up. But as most had left and we were about to give up, a little blonde kid i knew started yelling "MONSTER!!!" at the pool, every kid still searching started to run to the pool. When we all got there, we saw a shadow swimming around the pool, most kids got scared and would grab a friend for protection, but most were in awe as we watch the "monster" swim in circles.
We all left to our homes, hoping we'd see the "monster" better in the morning light, but at school we found out that a few kids told their parents about the "monster in the pool" and they all called the Animal Protection Agency. Right after school we got home and got dressed in our swiming trunks to go see the monster before they would take him.
When we got there the monster turned out to be a huge sea turtle. A few kids started motivating the rest of us to help save the turtle and free him before they come for him. We all cheered on and got pumped at the idea, pretty soon all the kids helped get the turtle out of the pool and walking onto the walkways. We all took a ride on the turtle and we all had fun, that is until they came for him and we all left home, mourning for our beloved "Monster of the Pool"

Carlos's Older Sister: (Sorry don't remember her name... sweatdrop )
She was very nice, and to me she was a good friend and also my teacher. We would sometimes do "Pretend School" where she would teach us various things and help with homework and also try to teach us things she learned at school in 3rd grade. She would always play with us and take care of us. I remember singing and dancing with her and Carlos. We would dance while she sang to the Selena songs, she would also record all these "Singing Pratices" of ours on a VHS recorder camera. She would let us sing as well, and i remember after doing a recording of me singing and them dancing, they showed me the video and they were pointing out that i sounded like a girl. I couldn't believe i sounded like that, i even denied it, but i later accepted it after they explained, aside from the camera adding 20 to 30 ponds to your weight, that it also would make your voice pitch sound higher then you actually do.(Just like telephones!)
Well thats enough for now there still plenty to go... i'll continue when school isn't making me it's b***h... stare

User Comments: [3]
Community Member

Fri May 01, 2009 @ 01:29am

lol i love memories like those sweatdrop

crucifix of fate
Community Member

Tue May 05, 2009 @ 03:01am

curse you and those child memories scream JK i was just kinda bord... sweatdrop

Community Member

Tue May 05, 2009 @ 05:34am

@ xxxwutafreakxxx : Yeah... It's moments like those that make me smile and keeps me pround to have done all those things...

@ TieGuy : What?! Jelous i had a "interesting" childhood, unlike yours?!
xp Just kidding... I know your childhood was mostly as a delicuent... xd Just kidding...

What's funny about the last sentence is that i haven't had school for two weeks since i said that, because of the whole Swine flu pandemic thing...
a1h1 flu... yep... i curse you for taking my only life away... School... how i miss thee... stare

User Comments: [3]
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