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Willy's Log/Entry Book
Basicly me and truly me only!
New Years Resolution and a short review...
Well first off, Happy New Year, for those i forgot to congratulate...
And well, i usally i write about my past, but i'll dodge that this time and get with curent and near future times...
New Years' Resolution '10 -
Well, every year like many around the world, i make a resolution, weither i is to happen or not, i always try... So this year i made this resolution:
*Live alittle!*
I really need to lossen up abit, i really don't get out much, and usally stressing over something, always down with something or etc..
Also, i'm not the most socialable person you'll find, i'm quite shy when it comes to new people, and i feel that i'm not so good at maintaining a good friendly relationship... I tend to distance myself once in awhile.
So, i basicly want to be more socialble, get out more, meet new people, and maintain well my current ones. Along the lines i also had an idea of a "girlfriend", but who am i kidding, i can't even maintain a long conversation, let alone a short one...
But while i say this, i most maintain balanced in school aswell... I nearly failed 1st. semester and if i do this semester, it's gonna be a major blow to my being, since school is basicly my life, failing in it would be like failing in my life and purpose, so i have to try to balace these two...

Who am i? -
To be honest, i sometimes doubt of myself, especially of who i truly am... Someimes i can't explain my feelngs and what i do or say, even my acts seem to change from person to person... So i'll list things that i know would i *am* :
I'm sensitive, pensive, Lover of books and writing, Talent seeker, shy when it comes with unknown peolpe, Fan of Furry and such xD, Neutral viewer of situations, mentally corrupt (thanks to certain people over time.. xP ) , in the closet pervert (Honestly, you expected this didn't you?), Yaoi clubs' mascoat (Sorry, it's just too funny to not add XD ), Knowledge seeker, crazy (who isn't these days...), social leach (Yeah i used your word! bwahaha! You know who you are...), what if i say intelectual, would it just make me look stuck up or full of it? xD , random facts and information storage device xP, a jerk once in awhile, coward, ignorant at times, well that's it for now... If you would like to add something please post, i'd love to see anything i forgot, especially from all of your opions

Until Then, Aztec334;
Gladly yours xD, William;
Signing out...

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