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Willy's Log/Entry Book
Basicly me and truly me only!
Experience - Yay! I leveled up! ^w^
For this section, it'll have to be put in pieces, since there has been many experiences for me... Arn't i lucky ^w^ mrgreen
I'm going to start with 2 or 3 parts for each following posts...
Let's start from the very beining shall we? 3nodding
~Memories of Babyhood~

* No i don't remember these memories, these are just memories when i was a baby, so these are from family and parents... * stare
I was born January the 23,1994 at 6:07 A.M.
I was born purple and with my lungs colapsed, fill with water, and as a few friends have noticed, a bit deformed, like my chest has a "pot hole" between my "breasts" eek (I don't have breasts, i just don't know hpw to call that area... sweatdrop ) I basicly was in critical conditions and they even told my parents i most likely would die...
I was put on many machines for various things including a pump thrue the ribs into the lungs to drain the water and pump in air (And i have the scar to prove it...)
As you can see i lived sweatdrop and here i am whee
A few funny moments between my father and me:
Well after i got out of the hospital, i was there for 3 weeks of intensive care, my father wanted to bath me, so he got a tun ready of warm water, then proceded to put me in. As my bottom touched the water i started peeing at my dad's face... rofl
Another incident like this was when he would put me in my basket (Yes a basket! whee ) face down and as he was coming over to see me a flying turd missle passed his face, just missing him... (I had diearea... redface )
After all that my dad whould say, "Put the snake in his crib..." xd
Gender Confusion: stare
Many people would say i was a gorgeous looking baby girl burning_eyes Yeah... stare

Alright, i'll have to write more some other time...
Next time: Childhood memories...

Oh and my offer to ask me questions is still up for "promotion" so go ahead and ask... Also if anyone would like to add an experience of themselfs go ahead and shoot! I'd love to see everyone elses too... biggrin

Until next time, Willy A.K.A. Aztec334,
Signing Out...

User Comments: [3]
Community Member

Mon Apr 27, 2009 @ 06:11am

User Image

Oh wow, it looks like we were both suicidal babies. I came out with the ambilical(sp?) cord wrapped around my neck.

crucifix of fate
Community Member

Tue May 05, 2009 @ 02:21am

call the "area" man boobs blaugh

Community Member

Tue May 05, 2009 @ 05:23am

@ Cloudy: I wouldn't call it "suicide babies" but alright, i got the point, the way i see it we all fought to live, so we just got to keep on...

@ TieGuy: Great, now even guys have boobs... just great...
But if i recall corectly, you had boobs when you were "TieGal"... D8

P.S. Oh and thanks for your shared experience Cloudy... And look at yourself in the mirror TieGuy... xp

User Comments: [3]
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