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  • Artist Info: ninja Hi if you can read this you are either looking at my profile or reading the mind of someone who has!!! well i'm kikko mangetsu u can call me kikko i luv purple, anime, manga, white tigers, white chocolate, art, music, acting, technology, singing, randomness, muffins being eaten by monkey baboon ligers, and planing how to take over the world with oompa loompas and mutant penguins! OH! and i can do a rubiks cube in under 3 min. you can ask rarunasu (on my friends list) and i also talk a lot (as you can tell by this mile long paragraph) and i luv inside jokes<br />
    courtesy of,<br />
    your friendly nighborhood,<br />
    ninja pirate vampire spy,<br />
    Kikko Mangetsu
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