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  • Artist Info: I have many nicknames: Chris, Zach, Kitty, Nick, David, John, Adam, Aaron, Leroy and most commonly Teal, but you may call me what you wish.<br />
    Despite the name my favorite colour is not actually Teal, but I'd say it looks similar.<br />
    I prefer cats over dogs when asked, but deep down I'm a dog person.<br />
    I'm 21 and never smoked or drank, live with my mother until I'm out of college...and actually get there.<br />
    I'm not absolutely open about everything until I believe that people care.<br />
    I prefer to listen to everyone talk rather than speak myself.<br />
    I was raised on country, but will listen to anything as long as it doesn't blow my ears off.<br />
    I like to be open about my interests, but like everyone I do have my presets.
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