• 1st Date
    1st Hug
    1st Touch

    My heart is beating in my chest. I am sure that he can hear.

    2nd Hug
    2nd Touch
    1st Laugh

    Drowning in his glittering red eyes. Lost completely in the moment.

    1st Taste (of Lobster)
    4th Sip (Of wine)
    1st Giggle

    Soft lights, secluded table. The music pulses in rhythm with my breathing. Shallow and sharp.

    6th Sip (of wine)
    1st Dance
    2nd Dance

    His body against mine, swaying to the music. He doesn't care who is watching.

    3rd Dance
    3rd Hug
    1st Mouthful (of ice-cream)

    Dessert is sweet, this night was wonderful. I can't stop chattering on the way home.

    2nd Laugh
    2nd Giggle
    4th Dance

    We sway to our own music, laughter ringing in the garden outside my house. Thank god for the fence.

    4th Hug
    3rd Touch
    1st Kiss

    I'm completely enraptured in that instant. His mouth pressed over mine, his body pressed to mine. His tongue, his scent, his taste. He's overpowering me, possessing me. I don't fight back...

    4th Touch
    5th Hug
    1st Goodbye

    Hopefully it's not the last.