• Chapter 1: Story of my Life

    Taro Moore, aged 15. I'm a teenager living in Japan. I'm not different from any other guy. I'm not blessed with amazing strength or an incredible IQ...I'm just an average everyday high school student.

    I'd say that I have a pretty crappy life. Being Japanese, I get racially profiled everyday. I'm looked at and treated like a terrorist, just because of my background. Things don't get easier with the fact that my parents are dead. Killed by a Russian car bomb when I was only 9. Said it was an "accident". So they just so happened to strap a bomb to the bottom of my parents car and accidently hit the detonation switch...yeah, pretty believable. The only person I have left in my life is my good for nothing brother, Jacob. All he does is slouch around the house and eat take-out. Can you believe he's 20?

    It's hard to believe we even make money with the way we live. "Business" is what he calls it. Leaving the house for as long as a week at a time. I wouldn't be suprised to come home one Saturday night to see him passed out on the couch with a box of pizza in his lap. But he provides, I'll give him that.

    "I'm home!" I yelled, throwing my backpack on the couch.

    No answer. Wasn't expecting one anyways. I peeled off my shoes and jumped on the couch, flipping on the television.

    "-lier today, another bomb rocked the Shinjuku Hospital in the Tokyo District. Destroying the interior and sending people running for their lives. It is estimated that 20 plus people were killed, more than 50 injured. To top it off many patients already a part of the hospital are left without rooms or medical equipment. Utopian Law Enforcement believes it was specifically targeted towards the Japanese people. The prime suspects are thought to be part of a new Russian terrorist organization. Why they have decided to set up shop in Japan has U.L.E. baffled and promise to keep an eye out for any strange activity."

    Hell...even the news is profiling. What is this world coming to?

    Then I heard the all too familiar click of the door. Jacob...

    "So what'd you get this time? Chines-..." I stopped dead.

    There was Jacob, my brother covered in blood. He was breathing heavy, like he just finished the Tour de France.

    "W-w-what happened bro?" I said, actually concerned about him. I helped him walk to the couch.

    "New Tokyo...they bombed a hospital. Just to kill me..." He choked out.
    "Why would they want to kill you!? What were you doing at a hospital!? IN NEW TOKYO!?" I yelled.

    "Taro...there's something I've been waiting to tell you for a long time..."

    To be continued...