• neglect.

    the boy rushes to the streets
    reality trembles at his feet
    the armada has fallen under control of the fleet
    hidden dreams and unfulfilled wishes halts defeat


    the boy lies under a calm Grey sky
    a group of masked men, dressed in black
    a cadaver intended for dissection
    dead memories relieves time off of its duty

    you have seconds to live
    you had years roped to a branch
    the scene was vague
    i rose to wake

    i return to the dreaming
    a group of masked men, drenched in blood
    lying on the ground
    with no miracle to work for them

    the boy, on the other hand
    eyes, white. a map of words etched on his now black skin
    He of the seven suns aided the "cadaver"
    to life and to redemption

    the walls of Illion have fallen
    the altar of Apollo, desecrated
    i am here to retaliate
    i am here for vengeance