Grrr... stupid moody boss...

    ~.:[Dream in Ayu's POV]:.~

    "Ayu," Kurai breathed haughtily, "we meet again." I scowled and realized all the lights were on and we were in a jail cell. "And this is Takeshi," he added, pointing next to him. I froze. Takeshi had crimson, glazed eyes and extra pointed teeth. He was twitching and had unevenly cut hair. He wore thick, long robes. Ick. "H-Hello... A-Ayuuu..." He moaned, twitching.

    "Oh, Ayu," Kurai said, as if he forgot to say something, "Just so you know, *mwahahahahaaa...* we will keep you one week before the, uh, proceedings. To tortue you and your precious little boyfriend."

    My skin was boiling and bubbling. God, he pisses me off. "Why haven't you already killed me?" I hissed, clenching my fists, "Why wait until later?"

    Kurai chuckled. "We will not feed for one year, so you die quicker," he suddenly remembered Takeshi, "Oh, give Takeshi a little nibble of your neck. He's thirsty." I inched towards the twitching... thing that jerks with every move. Once I got close enough for him to "smell" me, he attacked my neck. He got blood everywhere; on me, on himself, on the walls, and on Kurai. Kurai licked it off himself and chuckled. I screamed. The smell of blood made me want to pass out.

    "T-Tasty... p-prepare t-thyself... A-Ayuuu..." Takeshi gurgled, pushing me to the ground. Kurai snaked over and kissed my neck where Takeshi attacked me. "I look forwards to this day, Ayu," he said seductively. I suddenly got an idea.

    "Rapist!!" I hollered, running away, around the cell. Kurai just chuckled, "Very much so," and I woke up.

    I didn't scream this time. I cried. Eichi had set me in our bed and he sat with me. Tears ran down my pale cheeks. God, I hate them. Um, Kurai and Takeshi.

    "Abazure, Takeshi's daughter, will supposedly take you away if you try running away," Eichi said calmly. I shuddered.

    "Is she like... like Takeshi...?" I whimpered.

    "No, no. She's your worst nigtmare; a popular snob. She's like Kurai."

    I cried harder. Eichi picked me up and started carrying me downstairs, outside, and to the car. He plopped me in the passenger seat, still bawling. He drove off at 100 miles per hour to the cafe where he killed Yuki. What the Hell?

    When we got there, we got out and walked in, hand in hand. I stopped crying enough to pull myself through this. When we walked in, a woman, no older than 23, greeted me. "Hello~! I'm Miku~! Im the manager here~!" She giggled. God, woman, turn down the sunshine.

    Eichi sat down in a chair and I sat on his lap. Miku sat across from us.

    "So, sweetie, what's your full name~?" She giggled.

    "Um... Ayu Issunboshi...?" I replied.

    "Great~! What grade are you in~?"

    "Um... I'm a Senior... I graduate in a couple weeks...?"

    "Wow~! How old are you, then~?"

    "Uh... 17... my birthday is in a few days...?"

    "Perfect~! Where do you live~?"

    "Uh... with my boyfriend...?"

    "Nice. You're hired as our cook," she darkened and scuttled into her office thing. What kind of drugs does she take?

    Eichi and I exited, all jolly and such, until a man looking oddly like Kurai tried to take me from Eichi.