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    Part 5:
    The creaking of a metal spring could be lightly heard as Yuffie turned from side to side on a bed. She dreamed of the events of that night before. The dream was ususually vivid she could feel each kisses like it have happening at the moment, and how his crimsion red silk shirt felt under her fingers. There was still an odd odem about the dream through, unlike most dreams where they could changed at her will, this one she just felt like a person watching for the outside. In the dream the two kissed, and the mysterious man gently pinned her against the wall. He kissed her neck and she lightly moaned with delight, until a numb feeling come over her body.

    She gasped awake for the dream, quickly placing and hand over her neck. Yuffie breahted heavy having her fingers slowly feel her neck closely.

    "Dont touch the wound, your get it infected." chimed a almost cheerly female voice as she walked into the room. The women lightly smiled at walked up to Yuffie's bed side looking at a montor. Yuffie slowly returned her hand to her side, looking for the first time around the room.

    The room was small and had a chair and a tv in the right side of the room by the window, on the left was a counter top and sink with some medical suppies located ontop of it. It must be a hospital, Yuffie concluded which it probally why the women was dressed in nurse like clothes.

    Yuffie watched closelly as the nurse, unhooked a hanging bad of red liquid that Yuffie didn't see before. The nurse noticed she was watching so closely so decided to say something to the young girl, " Type O blood. Very rare, your luckly the blood banks are stocked up durning this time of year. " The young girl nervously shallowed, only to nod up at the nurse.

    She couldnt remember why she was in a hospital, or why she was being given blood, or ever where she was last night. With so many unanswered questions her head seemed blank. Yuffie looked out the window staring out it trying to remember anything, her thoughts were intrubed by the nurse's voice. "Let me just un-hook you than I will leave " she said with a light cheerful voice.

    The nurse gently picked up Yuffie's right hand witch had a cord that disappered into the wrist. The young girl's eyes turned as big as a deers caught in a headlight. The nurse lightly pulled on the metal tip of the cord and pulled out a long neddle out of the small sized wrist. Yuffie stared at the needle, never liking thoses things pointing her, let alone having them in her for any given amout of time.

    The nurse picked up a clip board and left just as she said she would, leaving Yuffie competely alone in the room. She tembled and shaked, her nervous getting the best of her. Finally gaining enough courage Yuffie slowly moved her hand back up to her neck, once again before she examine the area someone else walked in.

    This time it wasn't a nurse, but a young doctor. " Didn't that nurse tell you not to touch there?" he said jokly seeing Yuffie quickly putting her hand down thinking it was the nurse again. Yuffie smiled weakly, not really finding this whole thing situtation funny at all.

    " I have to look once again at the wound before I release you.. " the doctor said standing next to Yuffie now. "Wound?.." she asked lightly tembling again. The doctor put on gloves and lightly nodded while doing so, " Yes... now turn your head.." Hesitantly Yuffie tilted her head to the left, streching the right side of her neck out. As the doctor gently ran his fingers over her neck, with slight pain and slight fear, goosebumps became to apper.

    " This is for your own protection love.. " she heard the doctor say in a voice not his own, but of the man in her dreams. Yuffie's face turned pale white, since thats the last thing that was said in her dream. " W-w-h-at d-di-d y-y-o-u s-s-ay?" she asked tembling the whole the time. " This is just a precaution dear....?", the doctor repeated himself in the voice he has before than continuted explaining himself, " Wouldnt want to release you for the hospital before you were ready. "

    "Oh.." she said still be shaken up, but tring to hide her fear. "Looking pretty good... I'll sign the papers and you can leave, and wait in the lobby until your parnets come. " the doctor said removing his gloves and throwing them in the trash. Yuffie nodded once, and watched as the doctor left the room. She sit up on the bed, and turned where her toes just touched the ground waiting a second before getting up.

    Once in the lobby, she sat in a chair spacing out ending up staring at a Soda Machine that was there without even noticing it. An hour, almost two later her parnets came in. Once seeing her mother rushed up to Yuffie, " Sorry we werent here earlier dear, your father had some businees to take care of. Its tough work closing a deal. " she said being chipper. Yuffie shifted just her eyes to look at her mother as she spoke, " Yeah... I know... " she said dryly getting up and walking past her parnets walking out to the car. Her mother turned to look at her husband with a puzzled look on her face wondering why Yuffie was acting colder than normal.