• As i walked into high school for the first time i admit i was scared, after all, most of my friends had moved away over the summer. As i looked for my first class i said to myself, "Why, why me, why do i have to have this stupid freshman seminar thing first period, i mean how is that even a class?". I walked alone down the hall looking for classroom 126A, i eventually found it and as i reached to open the door deciding to go ahead and get it over with, someone bumped into me, knocking me to the floor, i looked over to see who had done it was Angela, the previous year i had had a serious crush on her, but i wasnt the kind to admit it to anyone. As i saw her there many other people had stopped to see what had happened, and i, not being the type who likes for people to stop and stare quickly helped her up and into the classroom. She didnt seem to recognize me so i didnt talk to her and she didnt talk to me either. As i walked over to take my seat i sat by the window. It had been raining for days now, this had been the worst rainstorm in years, wed had some pretty bad ones, but nothing like this. I looked out the window at the sky and saw the clouds above seemed to be gathering and swirling around the school omenously. I shrugged and dissmissed it not knowing what to think of it. As the bell rang the teacher walked in, a short woman, wearing a white blouse and blue jeans, i knew immeadietly what her type was, she was trying to blend in with the students. I had had several other teachers who had tried to do this, but none ever seemed able to accomplish it. "Hello class I am Mrs.Nomed, and i teach Freshman seminar here at good o'l, Lake Terror high".

    Then it happended,the ground started to quake, the clouds turned blood red, and then the ground split open beneath me, my desk fell down into the darkness below, i was able to grab onto the side of the hole but it felt like something was pulling me down. I could hear the panicking screams of my classmates and Mrs.Nomed, i too, screamed, but not out of fear, but for help. I finally realized that something was trying to pull me down, just as a large group of, creatures, terrifying creatures with blood red eyes and bodies darker than the darkest night. I was terrified as some of them began to try to loosen my grip on the side of the hole, i could hear a loud roar coming from beneath me, the creatures made a sound in return, and put some kind of, large rings on my wrists, ankles, and one around my neck. The rings burned me cut into my skin, i could feel the blood flowing out of me, and something else flowing in. I then sprouted large wings made up entirely of black fire, i lost control and one of the creatures had a similar ring in its hands, and seemed to be controling me. Just then Angela attacked, she swung a chair at the creatures around me, knocking them back down into the darkness below, she then swung at the creature with the ring and knocked the ring out of its hands and knocking it back down with the rest of them, she reached for the ring and it seemed to jump up upon her wrist. I instantly felt a surge of pain, but not from me, she was in pain, great pain. I knew not how i could feel her pain, but i could feel it never the less, i pulled myself up out of the hole and crawled over to her, but then the pain stopped, i feared the worst. I then heard her, her voice was weak and frail, but it wasnt, it wasnt her voice,"Now the two are bound together, servant, and master, the servant has the power to save this world, the master to control the servant, this is the power of the rings of the demon", suddenly angela awoke and screamed at the sight of me, "Angela, angela, calm down its me, Jack, remember?", she stopped screaming and looked up at my face, "jack, jack what happened to-" she stopped speaking because the source of the roar i had heard before had just risen out to hole, i recognized it instantly, it was a fire golem, a large monster made up entirely of flames. I suddenly felt a surge of power, and then i knew i would have to face the monster.