• "Awwww I knew we should have taken him!" Daft screamed. "Akward, it's not like him to run off like this." Riku stated. "Well we need to search for him." Daft suggested. "But he couldbe anywhere in the whole forest." Riku added. "It doesn't matter we can search the whole forest, did you forget we dont have a bedtime anymore?"She corrected.

    So they split up, each taking halves of the forest." It's 10:00 a.m. we've been searching forever!"Riku said exhaustedly. All of sudden, something caught his eye. He dashed to a tree and Ty lied there most likely dead."How could this be?"Riku asked himself. "Hahahahahahaha!" a mysteryous voice called. "you're next!" However it was dropped down and slashed at his throat. It was K.C. from school! K.C.... "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!?!"he asked angrily. With no reply K.C slashed at his throat again...it missed. He was using a dagger that had blood from Ty's wound.

    Riku finally turned and scratched K.C's arm. Then picked him up and threw him into a nearby tree. With nothing said, the battle raged on as K.C dashed from the tree and uppercuted Riku. Riku was getting weak from all the blood coming from his cuts. K.C delivered a strong kick to his body, nearly killing him. With Riku on the ground, unable to fight anymore K.C finally spoke "ANY LAST WORDS!?" Riku replied. "No." Then an arrow peirced K.C's body. A wooden arrow. Then Daft appeared. "Good thing I showed when I did." she spoke. "Where's Ty?" she asked. "Over.....there." he whispered. Those where his last words. Daft quickly picked them up by shoulder and walked to the tent.

    She wrapped their wonds with flat-rope like bandeges. "Nice archery." Riku commented. "Has Ty woken up yet?" "No I think he's dead." Daft replied. Riku laid there trying to recover from the wound and bruises he had. THe next morning Ty barely woke up. Daft listened to his heart. "He'll be fine Riku just relax, later he can tell us what happened." Unexpectedly a kunai pierced one part of the tent with a note attached. Daft opened it,it read... I'M STILL ALIVE AND I'LL BE BACK TO KILL ALL 3 OF YOU!! TO BE CONTINUED

    (AUTHORS NOTE: intense story huh? keep reading the story's end is near....)