• A crowd of hundreds. The music blasting so loud. And yet...the only one I could make out was the little girl. She couldn't possibly have been more than five years old. The adorable blonde pigtails streaming down her face. she cold have been so cute if not for her enormous blue eyes staring past me in terror. The rest of the dance team twirled around me, not noticing the child. Why should've they? One tiny face in an ocean? And I couldn't pull myself from her gaze. Reluctantly, I stopped mid-twirl, into another girl. She made a bad face warning me to watch out and continued with the dance. I knew I'd hear about that incident later, but I didn't care. My confusion left, and the child's fear became my own: he was here. The flowing black hair and deep violet eyes sent ice cold fear throughout my body. His signature smirk slithered across his lips as he noticed my realization. I knew that with him here, devastation would soon follow.

    My mind searched for a solution to the grizzly situation I was in, but my panic defecting my thinking abilities. Suddenly, it came to me, in such a short and powerful burst that I didn't even get the chance to consider the consequences.

    "BOMB! Everyone run! There's a BOMB in the building!" I hollered as loud as I could. To my astonishment and gratitude, people actually began screaming and running in a combined panic towards the next exit. I should have expected such a response from yelling the "b-word" in front of a crowd of on-lookers, but the sheer chaos was something that no one could've foreseen. Within minutes, everyone in the gym was gone, and I was left in the bright spotlights: alone, with him.

    "Well, hello, Rose. Quite a pleasure seeing you here," smirked the demon of death, his arrogance glinting off of his razor sharp teeth and bold eyes.

    "Derek," I stated, attempting to combine all of my loathing and confidence into that single word. My eyes narrowed, gazing into his- remembering the first time I saw those eyes.

    I was four. Five at the oldest, when the orphanage headmistress took me to the supermarket for the first time. We were on our way back, and I spotted a man. I couldn't tell you what he had been wearing- it seemed so unimportant. His eyes were a strong and confident shade of violet and the sun radiated off of his hair. I was immediately afraid and perplexed by this strange, yet beautiful man. The headmistress did not even shake a hair at the intimitating man in the alley, and it became clear that she did not see him. It was obvious that he noticed my stare and waved me towards the alley he stood in. At that moment, the headmistress released her grip on me, and I was off, following the man into the dark corridor of the city. As I approached where he had been, a hand grasped my shoulder. The purple eyes were narrowed in an intimitating way, and I fell right for what he was going for. I was afraid.

    "So you can see me...good. This way I can show you. Stay clear out of my way...," he took a slight breath, looked like he may hurl, and resumed his posture, "or this, "he gestured "will happen to you."

    As I followed his gesture, a man stepped into view, screaming for help. Another man, appearing to be his friend, took out a large sword, and held it, ready to strike. I closed my eyes quickly, but could still see the image clearly in my mind's eye. Tears streamed down my cheek as the man with the purple eyes knelt down next to me, gazed deep into my soul, and asked, "Understand?"