• Staring over the flowing river, I leaned against the rails of the bridge as I held as tight as I can a picture of me holding the girl I love…use to love to be precise. And I was also holding a key with the heart as the head and a rather sharp tooth on the other end. Staring at the picture one more time, I shut my eyes, feeling a warm tear flowing down my cheek, and started ripping the picture. Taking a sharp breath, I held back the hand, which I was holding the key and the torn picture, and threw it in front of me. As I opened my eyes, I watch the surface of the key shine so brightly from the reflection of the setting sun and the pieces of the torn picture flying everywhere like broken petals from a rose flying everywhere in a beautiful field.

    The key fell into the water as I just screamed on the top of my lungs, slamming my fists on the rails, and continued to feel more tears flowing out of my eyes. I never cried this much before…but I guess this may be my first. Since this was the first time she snapped my heart in half, shut it away in a box with a lock, and gave me the key to throw it away so that I’ll never love anyone ever again. And, by the way, that was the key to my broken heart. Now that it’s gone, I’ll never love again…like what she told me. I just held my hand up to wipe my eyes dry, I can tell that my anger, frustration, and depression has caught some people’s attention and think that I’m some paranoid hobo with no life. Well, since I screamed really loudly and threw the key into the river, which actually caught one person’s attention.

    I felt the rail shake as I turn my head to the right and saw a girl climbing on the rail and then jumped off of it. I watched her fly in the air, spreading her arms out and soar in the air like a bird, and head straight forward towards the water. After quickly holding her arms beside her head and her hands in front of the top of her head, she dived smoothly and beautifully into the river.

    I just stood there dumbstruck and stared at the river thinking, ‘what the heck was that all about?’ and some other questions that makes me wanna bang my head against the rail. Cause, honestly, that was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen…unless she really wants to go for a swim cause the river is really deep. I can’t really tell since I…wait, I see a hand popping out with…my key?!

    I can feel my mouth flew wide open as I can see the reflection of the sun again on that key, shining brightly than before, and the water dripping down from it. The girl’s head popped out, gasping for air and started coughing. Before I knew it, she floated back into the water. And before I knew it, I found myself in the water.

    Why? I really don’t know. I was in the water, swimming towards her, grabbing her from around the waist, swam up as fast as I can towards the surface, and landed on the grass. Why? I REALLY don’t know. As I lied on my back on the wet grass, catching my breath and stared at the girl, I started thinking that my body acted on it’s own and made me rescue her. Why? …I really don’t know.

    The coughing made me snap from my trance (I was thinking and got lost I suppose) as the girl groaned and opened her eyes. Blinking at the sky, she turned her head towards me and asked, “Why did you save me?”

    I blinked back…why did I save her? “I…don’t know” is all I can say to her. She just shrugged and stared up at the sky again, I can see she’s gripping onto the key really tightly as I asked her back, “Why did you save that key?”

    The girl sighed as she shut her eyes and said, “Cause I feel like it.”

    …cause she feels like it? What the hell? “Why?”

    “I really don’t know, I just feel like jumping into the ******** water and grab that key, all right? Deal with it.” Damn, I can tell that annoying voice in that tone…I guess she just feels like it. The girl stared at me again and asked in a brighter tone, “Why did you throw it away?”

    “I…” feel like it? Cause my ex-girlfriend crushed my heart and locked it away, so that I’ll never love again? And that’s the key to unlock my heart and repair it? …let’s not get into that much detail and just say, “I just feel like throwing it away.”

    “Don’t you need it?”

    I shook my head, staring down at that key I threw away. “I…sort of do, but…it’s complicated.”
    I can just feel the girl raising an eyebrow at me…I can tell that she’s annoyed. “I don’t believe you.” I blinked up at her and asked her to repeat that. She groaned and glared back at me (feeling some evil or bad aura through her eyes) saying, “I said I don’t believe you. You’re lying to me.”

    …can she really look through me? Am I that easy to read? Was it something I said? Or, rather, can she read minds?

    “Dude, chill.” She smiled at me sweetly, at least it’s a beautiful one, and said, “I can tell from the look in your eyes.” She turned her body sideways as she held her hands out and touched my cheek. “Broken…depressed…anger…I’ve seen those looks before. I’ve had them, too, but that’s a long a** time ago. Months, actually, but I know how it feels to lose someone you lost.”

    She drew her hand away as she held up the key and showed the heart side of it. “Trust me, after staring at this key, it’s so obvious.”

    I stared back surprised, watching her dropping her hand on the grass and is still staring at me. I blinked back as I felt myself lying sideways, my whole body facing her, and stared back in her dark chocolate eyes. I also can see that she’s wearing a mix of red and black eyeliner, but I’m mostly staring back at those dark brown eyes…where have I seen those? It’s…it’s…

    A snap of her fingers in front of my face made me snap from my trance (for the second time) and I stared back at her confused. The girl also gave me a confused look and asked, “You okay?”

    I blinked as I nodded back saying, “Yeah, sorry, I was…thinking.”


    What was I suppose to tell her? I thought of nothing once I stared into her beautiful eyes…where did that come from?

    “You sure you’re okay?”

    Shutting my eyes, I feel my body turn as my back presses against the grass and I feel my arms spread out. “Honestly…I don’t know anymore.” I couldn’t hear anything from the girl, but I just kept talking out loud to her. “You were right, I am broken. My last girlfriend broke my heart into pieces by cheating on me and slept with another guy in my own home.”

    Taking a minute to try to catch my breath (since I’m kinda having a hard time breathing), I started thinking to myself ‘why the hell am I telling her these things?’

    …I just kept going.

    “Something…right there really snapped my heart in half. She was everything to me…I mean, she was the love of my life. I did care about her and she did it back to me…until that day…”

    I felt something warm land on my arm as I snapped my eyes open and looked down to see the girl…cuddling next to me…what?

    The girl just wrapped her arms around my stomach and rested her head on my shoulder. I couldn’t see much on what expression she’s got on her face since a bunch of black with white streaks are blocking her face. Not to mention that her glasses are…never mind, she took them off and placed them on my stomach.

    We both lied there in silence, I couldn’t bring out a single word to just ask her why the hell she’s lying next to me like this. Not to mention why I held her back.


    I blinked as I shook her again and asked, “What was that?”

    “I said I’m sorry…about that slut cheating on you like that…you don’t deserve this.”

    …huh, who would’ve thought that someone as random as her would just lie here with me and said that she’s sorry…do I even know her? I cleared my throat again and asked, “Um, not to be rude or anything…but do I know you?”

    I can feel her smiling as she snuggled (…snuggled? What the hell?) closer to me and said, “Nope, but I think it’s better if we introduced each other.” The girl looked up to me and told me her name. “What’s yours?”

    I smiled back and told her my name. “It’s nice to meet you.”

    “Likewise.” She reached her hand forward as she took off my glasses and place them next to hers on my stomach. She smiled back towards me and said, “You’ve got pretty eyes I’ve ever seen.”

    I blinked back as I can feel my face heat up, but I grinned back at her and said, “Thanks…yours are pretty, too.”

    She giggled and…wow, she has the cutest giggle ever. “Aww, you’re really sweet.”

    Is she flirting with me? “Well, not as sweet as you are.”

    …oh hell.

    Giggling to me again, she smiled again and we both just stared at each other again. I wonder what she’s thinking about cause I can see that…

    Something made us both blink and frown once we heard a beeping noise and I lift up my hand to look at the time. I groaned as I lied all the way down and said, “It’s only my watch…and it’s almost six.”

    I heard the girl gasp as the warmth left me, felt the glasses being grabbed from my stomach and I watched her stand right up. “s**t, I gotta go!” She shoved on her glasses as she was gonna turn and run off, but turn back and asked, “Will you meet me back here tomorrow?”

    I blinked back and stared at her confused. “For what?”

    She looked away and shrugged. “Um…I dunno…I really wanna see you again.”

    …that was cute, it made me smile at her again. “Sure, same time?”

    She smiled back. “Same time.” Then she kneeled back down and leaned forward towards me whispering, “I just need to do one more thing before I go…”

    With her face getting closer to my face, I just shut my eyes…waiting for something…anything…

    Then a peck on the cheek, I snapped my eyes open and saw her lean back giggling. “Silly, you think that I was actually gonna give you a kiss?”

    By now, my face turned completely red and I can feel myself burning up cause I feel so embarrassed right now it’s not even funny. She just giggled and stroked my left side of my hair...and that really feels nice. My eyes started closing slowly as I can see her lift up the key and said, “I hope you don’t mind if I hold onto this for a while…you know, until you find your true love.”

    I feel myself nod as the hand left my hair and I opened my eyes to see her standing right up, smiling down at me. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    Saying my name one more time, she waved and ran off up the grassy hill towards the streets. I watched her disappear seconds later as I stared up at the orange sky and feel the wind flying past me. Smiling to myself, I shut my eyes and thought to myself that I guess that I don’t need to toss away the key to my heart…cause she’ll be the one who will mend my heart together.