• tab I put my head back into my hands and tears stram down my oh so flushed face again. "Dont go," I pleaded, The taxi had allready arrived infront of my houseand he allready had all of his bags packed. Our Last moments together will be held sacred to me for the rest of my life.
    tab "Im sorry, I have to, the flight to europe leaves in an hour i should leave now. Im really sorry." I looked up at him again and couldnt handle seeing his beautiful green eyes so I looked back at my hands.
    tab "Is that all you have to say?" I asked. He Could not be finished, that would just be terrible to end it like that. There is a whole lot more to say I know it. And I was right, he got on his knee, took my hand in his and looked lovingly into my eyes
    tab "You are the reason I can make it through the day, knowing I have someone whos cares enough to cry for me, to laugh when my jokes are not funny, to stick up for me in any situation and is strong enough to get through somrthing like this, I have to go Im sorry I wish I could stay because when I looked at the stars," He gestured toward the beautiful night sky, full moon, I hadn't noticed, he continued on "all I see is your face in the patterns, the way they sparkle, the way they shine, reminds me of you. I stare at the sun in the morning no matter how much it hurts because I'm trying to figure out what shines brighter, the blazing sun, or the radiance that comes of of your skin," He brushed my cheek and scooped some hair behind my ear.
    tab "I've decided you are brighter, you provide my sunlight, and Im going have to spend the rest of my minor years in the dark, but as soon as I turn 18, I'm coming back to you. I will return, and we can spend our lives together. Because I love you so much." I Smiled at him and he hugged me so tightly I thought he might never let go. Trafic started getting faster and the cab driver honked on the horn viciously.
    tab "I'll make this quick, Aliza Jenkins, Will you marry me? In three years?" I Couldnt contain my excitment.
    tab "YES! I love you so much! Of Course! YOu didnt even have to ask, the answer was there written on my forhead! I love you." He kissed me passionately and I tasted his breath and good memories came back to me. He began to cry to and then walked real slow to the yellow vehicle. Our eyes were locked until he began to drive away.
    tab Traffic was still traveling fast, I stood up as the seen happened right before my eyes, a big black hummer came ramming into the back of the poor taxi. Metal flew around the road and a red liquid shot out from one of the vehicles and I prayed it came from the Hummer. But no. The hummer was pretty much in tact. And I stood there. Helpless. I Watched the police take the drunken driver away.

    tab Later that night, Eliza jenkins stabbed herself in the chest with....

    A PENCIL!!!! Ha ha! Got you! Did you think I was gonna say knife didnt you? Ha! I didnt want you to be sad! Life is BEAAUTIFUL
    Let it last to the end!