• Chapter 5: Shadow’s Night out and Grace’s Anger

    Shadow was walking out on the streets of London taken in every detail it seemed. Then a smile lit his face when he spotted a building with lights flashing inside. He entered the building and took a seat a bar. He didn’t order anything he just watched all the people dancing. Shadow grinned. He was able to count every vampire in the joint. For him it was easy to tell the difference between human and vampire.

    Shadow turned around a saw a blonde girl. Obviously a human, starring at him curiously. When She noticed Shadow looking at her she smiled and walked over to him. She smiled and ordered two drinks one for her and one for Shadow.

    Shadow couldn’t help glancing at her neck then Grace’s words echoed in his head about him not biting club girls. Shadow shook his head to clear it then nodded to the girl.

    “You have a name girly?” Shadows voice was low but sweet

    The blond girl giggled and nodded. “My name is Candy. Nice to meet you, and your name would be…”

    Shadow coughed trying to think of a fake name and decided to use his alias from China. “My name is Zack, and the pleasure is all mine.” Shadow kissed the girls hand and she giggled further.

    When the drinks came Shadow downed his in one sip. When he was done Candy took his hand and dragged him onto the dance floor. Shadow grinned and followed her lead. She danced around him and Shadow watched, his thirst grew stronger ever time she bent her neck towards him.

    Shadow kissed the girl and she happily kissed back. Shadow then moved lower and slowly bit into her neck. Candy tensed then relaxed again. Shadow then back away from her and held her up right. She seemed about to faint so he took her over to a bench and sat her down. He then walked away casually without another word.

    Shadow soon found another girl interested in him and bit her as well. Both time he sucked blood he was able to make the marks vanish. When they finally came back to conciseness they would think they just drank to much. He grinned and sat the other girl down on a bench then exited through the back exit leading to an ally.

    A couple of people probably doing drugs muttered angrily at Shadow. Shadow growled at them and they ran back inside. Shadow grinned satisfied then jumped up onto a dumpster and sat there.

    Suddenly Shadow lifted his head and starred at the roof of the tall building next to the club. Someone was up there watching him. He knew already that whatever it was it wasn’t human.

    In a flash of movement the thing he saw jumped down from the ceiling and had him against the wall by his throat before he could even react. A growl was emanating from his attacker who he was able to see was female.

    “I have a right mind to kill you Shadow Blood. You not only came close to compromising us yet again but you bit the girls.”

    Shadow shoved his attacker back a little and she stumbled to the ground. He knew at once who his attacker was.

    “Damn it Grace what did you do that for?!?”

    Grace Glared up at Shadow her eyes were red and her hair glowed white. “You know why! I don’t want to have to leave yet! We just got here! And… the club girls…”

    Shadow blinked. “Are you jealous or something.”

    Grace flushed bright pink and shook her head vigorously. “No! Don’t be arrogant… I just worry about their health that’s all!”

    Shadow rolled his eyes and helped Grace up. “So your worried about a complete strangers health? Wow that’s believable…”

    Grace shoved Shadow away hot tears in her eyes. “Shadow you’re such a jerk! Dang you! I wish Father never made you my guardian!”

    Shadow blinked trying to comprehend Grace’s defensive rage. He gave up quickly and offered his arm for support. “Want me to take you home then?”

    Grace nodded angrily as she wiped away her tears. “I hate you so much sometimes…?”

    Shadow just looked straight forward as they walked. “I know…”

    Grace refused to ride a cab home so they ended up riding on the night bus. No thugs would bug them due to the fear Shadow seemed to induce. Grace pouted and starred out the window not speaking.

    Shadow and Grace finally got off the bus and made their way into their building then up the stars. Before Shadow could even say anything Grace grabbed her bag and slammed the bathroom door closed behind her.

    Grace hurriedly took a shower then slipped into her white silk night gown and brushed her teeth. Grace grabbed a silver hair brush from her bag and went out side. She sat on her bed and brushed through her wet hair. She took a second to flick on the T.V. Through all of this she completely ignored Shadow’s presence.

    Shadow sighed and sat next to Grace eyeing her cautiously. Then he spoke. “You can’t expect me to survive on animal blood.”

    Grace turned to look at Shadow. Her eyes were like daggers and glowed red. Ger mouth twisted into a frown then formed words. “Shadow… I know. I just can’t stand the thought of having to leave again.”

    When Shadow put his arm around Grace’s shoulder she flinched away. When he looked at her face again he saw tears form in her eyes yet again. He frowned and moved to the recliner chair that faced the TV.

    Grace lay down on the bed and pulled the covers over her head. She quickly fell asleep. She was too tired to go on.

    Shadow grabbed a book that appeared to be some sort of medical book and began reading silently. Every now and then Shadow would glace at Grace for she constantly said his name in her sleep. Eventually Shadow fell asleep on the recliner.

    Chapter 6 The Return

    When Grace woke up her eyes were sore. She looked around but couldn’t see Shadow any where. She blinked and tried to clear her mind. Then she heard rustling in the kitchen.

    “Shadow….? Is that you?”

    Grace pulled back the covers and put on her robe making sure to tie it tightly. She walked into the kitchen. Grace ended up on the floor again. She had fallen backwards in surprise.

    He sure wasn’t Shadow the way he stood a little shorter and his hair was blackish brown. His eyes were red and he was very pale.

    “Why hello my dear Grace… long time no see. Sure as hell took me a while to finally find you…”

    The man reached down and touched Grace’s face. She flinched away causing herself to hit her head hard on the table. Her vision became blurry and everything went black.

    When Grace woke up she was back on her bed. She rubbed her head and looked around. She blinked and cleared her vision.

    “Was it all just a dream…?” Grace’s voice was still shaky.

    The man who had been in the kitchen before poked his head down for he was hanging on the ceiling. His face was very close to Grace’s. He kissed her forehead then spoke. “Nope. Not a dream.”

    Grace screamed and threw off her covers and was on the other side of the room in a flash. “You just stay away from me! Dusk why are you even here?!”

    The man jumped down landing silently on the floor. He looked up from the floor and starred directly into Grace’s eyes.

    “Why to see you of course my dear Grace…” Dusk’s voice was smooth but it had a malevolent sound to it.

    Grace winced and backed up until she was up against a wall she closed her eyes and tried to focus on her breathing. “Dusk... You shouldn’t be here… You’re the one who left. Didn’t you move on?”

    Dusk shrugged and took a step forward. “Yeah I moved on but hey I cam back. I would think that’s what you would want, but hey where’s your boyfriend?”

    Grace was wondering the same thing. She wanted to know where Shadow was. He was her guardian. It was pretty irresponsible to leave her alone. But of course he was Shadow he wasn’t responsible…

    Grace stuttered almost unable to speak. “H…h…he is n…n…not… m…my… b…b…boyfriend!”

    Dusk simply laughed. His laugh was loud and evil. His face was completely different when he laughed it mad him look crazy. He was starring at Grace his eye’s glowing their red color.

    “Then since he is not your boyfriend you wouldn’t mind being mine. My dear Grace.”

    Grace flattened herself against the wall, trying to be as far away from Dusk as possible. Her face was red and her eyes were wet. She had a helpless look in her eyes.

    She scooted close to the kitchen door then shot out of the room. She ran to the back of the living room then into the bathroom. She locked the do
    or behind her and sighed in relief. She was away form Dusk that’s all that mattered.

    Then in an instant Dusk had melded through the door and was standing just inches away from Grace. He grinned menacingly and stepped forward. His eyes were glowing brighter then ever as he continued to advance on the retreating Grace.

    Grace was backed up against the wall again tears now running down her red cheeks. She silently begged for Shadow to come to her rescue.

    Suddenly a burst of red hot energy burned threw Grace her usually lilac eyes now were red like dusks. Her hair shone whiter then ever and her fangs became enlarged with the power of an abnormal vampire. An evil grin formed on her face and then she screamed.

    “LEAVE. ME. ALONE!” her scream was earsplitting and she lunged forward towards Dusk.

    Grace’s nails were claw like and she blindly scratched at Dusk. Dusk managed to through her off of him and ended up sending Grace crashing through the wooden bathroom door. Grace slid on the carpet then quickly righted herself. Grace growled and lunged at Dusk with animal like reflexes. Dusk easily evaded her attack.

    Dusk seemed unsurprised by Grace’s actions. In fact he seemed quite prepared. Dusk pulled out a knife but instead of lunging to kill Grace he cut his wrist and held out his bleeding arm towards Grace.

    Grace flinched away at the sight of blood. She ran towards the now half open from door. When she tried to go through the door she ran into a very shocked Shadow. Then Grace fainted on the spot only to be caught by Shadow.

    Dusk and Shadow were starring right at each other with shock and hatred in their eyes. The Dusk grinned evilly at Shadow and held his arms wide open in a welcome.

    “Well if it isn’t Grace’s little boyfriend. Welcome to our little party. It seems as though our guest of honor has fainted. Oh well… You’ll be more fun.”

    Shadow gently sat Grace down in the recliner then turned to Dusk. Shadow grimaced and ducked as two knives flew towards his head. Shadow then stood up again. His hands glowed red with some sort of power. Then out of no where about a dozen needles appeared in the air and flew towards Dusk. About 4 needles imbedded themselves in Dusks arms and shoulder.

    Dusk grimaced then glared at Shadow, then yelled at the top of his lungs. “This isn’t the end vampire!” Dusk disappeared in a blast of smoke, and thus he was gone.

    Shadow ran over to Grace who was slowly waking up. When Grace saw Shadow leaning over her she clung onto him and Cried.

    “It isn’t fair Shadow! It isn’t fair!”

    Shadow closed his eyes and hugged Grace tightly. He felt very bad for her because many years ago She and Dusk were a couple then Dusk had abandoned her and broke her heart. Now he guess she was probably feeling the same thing.”

    “I know Grace….I know…”