• 5 years have passed, and both empires have restored the land. It have been peaceful again and prosperous, but the happiness and the enthusiasm was lost. And the feeling of loss wasn’t just any loss; they lost their great rulers and most of all, the royal twins. As of this time, Sylphireth was the current emperor and Kane Fidelity, the kind royal adviser of Reiana, was the current emperor of Aeriaveil. The two were good friends and they try to restore everything. They were exerting a lot of effort to find the twins and by now, the twins would be five years of age. Days later, when Sylphireth, Sephireine and Kane were on the rescue exploration, they found a medium sized box with white linen at the edge of Calistral Mountains. Sephireine approached it with his sword and shield on, and took a peek on the box. He gasped in surprise and called the two other royals. Sylphireth and Kane both gasped as well.

    The one in the box was a sleeping royal – Cidrouse. And so, if Cidrouse was there, where could have been Ceijeanne? The trio looked everywhere, hoping they could find the princess, but luck was against them. They didn’t find the princess. Though it was very unfortunate, the trio was still happy because they’ve found the prince. And so, they head back to the palace and announced his return.

    As expected, the people of both Cruxiaren and Aeriaveil were rejoicing for their hope was found. They were sorry for the loss of the princess but still, the prince was there and they knew that a new day with the prince will come.

    Their wish was granted, and the prince grew up with good reputation, wide intelligence and superb abilities. He was baptized with immortality at the age of sixteen and from that day forward, his physical and mental features won’t change. He was well cultured, with good manners and polite formality towards the elders. He knew how to mingle with other people with his genuine smile on his face. He was graceful and his skills were very refined. All of it won’t be done without his so-called parents: Kane, Sylphireth and Sephireine. Behind those smiles and laughs were a very sad Cidrouse, for he didn’t have the chance to know his little twin sister. He doesn’t know her face, only the name. He doesn’t know how she was and it frustrated him so much. He wondered if she was dead, or if alive, where she could have been staying, or worse, she was living as a slave for those demons. All of those thoughts were bringing him to pain, depression and longing, and he couldn’t do anything but to cry to his guardians’ shoulders. He was really fortunate to have them because they stood as his second parents. He wished that one day, he’ll see her.