• She glanced over her shoulder. The hooded figure was still in hot pursuit. She clicked her Chestnut Gelding onwards, hoping the shy mare wouldn't panic and buck. She cooed softly in it's ear, hoping to calm it as they dodged assorted trees and shrubs. The Black Forest was not a friend of the human race, let alone an Immortal. The hooded figure was stopping. The ferocious horse with gleaming red eyes let out a snort and abruptly stopped. With a flourish, Daine climbed off of her horse - Sarena- and took her reins. This would have to be on leg and foot. This hooded character looked suspiciously familiar. Daine edged closer, daring to look at the face underneath the hood. She lifted it, to reveal her brother, Kontui. "Daine," he panted, "I was worried. It's not like you to run away from me like this." Daine explained. "I thought you were one of the Simawan troop." she chuckled. Kontui looked puzzled."You know, the hooded guys with Samurai swords? The ones that wanted me dead when I was but 12?" said Daine, making a motion with her hands."Well," Kontui shrugged,"Time to make dinner. Your turn tonight."Daine shuddered."What have we got?"
    When they got back to their camp, Daine tied up Sarena and fed her a sugar lump."That was a treat." She whispered, carefully grooming the shy mare's coat. She turned to see a hawk lying on the ground with a severly bleeding wing. Daine's instincts told her to pull up some of the reeds near her and juice them for what she new was an injury potion, then bandage i t carefully with a snip of her petticoat. So for once she listened to her instincts and her instincs were very pleased. She took the bird and nursed it carefully. In her arms it didn't claw or struggle, it just shuffled a bit and had a worried look in it's eyes. When she got back, she laid it near her sleeping bag and covered it with her cashmere jumper. She settled down to sleep, wondering what the next day would throw at her.
    When she woke, in place of the hawk was a handsome young man of about 19. Daine quickly pulled up a sheet and handed it to him, his cheeks glowing madly. "Sorry..." he whispered, drawing the sheets around his body."I forgot that-"
    "It's ok." Daine smiled at him."So, would you kindly explain how you got here?"
    "Well, I am one of the scarce immortals. I was given my immortality for my shape-shifting skills, and the way you saw me last night was one of my tricks. My real name is Tahoi, and I was sent to find the immortals. A meeting will be called in Tortall. You must follow me straight-away, but I give you half an hour to say good-bye. And get dressed. Speaking of clothes, does your brother have any spare?"
    Daine tooka moment to soak this all in. There were more immortals? Well, she decided to answer the most simple question first:
    "Yes. I believe he has." Daine smiled warmly at Tahoi.
    "How old are you? And what is you name?"
    "19. Daine."
    "Well Daine, get ready. We have a long journey."