• Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked; Only the avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them- but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and two southern water tribe children discovered the new avatar, an airbender named Aang. Although his Air bending skills were great, he had a lot to learn before he could save anyone. With help from friends Aang then saved the world. Aang reached full avatar state in order to defeat the newly named Phoenix King Ozai; Aang was the youngest, and arguably the strongest Avatar ever. He connected to the ancient powers that make up the universe to bind Ozai's bending abilities, then went on to awaken potential new airbenders. The energy of the world was put back in balance, airbenders began to grow in numbers, and the Nations were once again in peace. The world now had time to change, grow, learn- evolve, one might say. Avatar Aang's companion, Sokka, is now known as the Father of Modern science. His designs and inventions lead to the invention of our modern Automobiles, Televisions, and Toaster-ovens.
    " Matteo! WAKE UP!" Barked Alec Riese, the portly, balding, and generally unpleasant history teacher. His beady eyes, like those of a man with broken dreams tried, to look blazingly and Matteo Shun.
    “ Young man, I will not tolerate sleeping during my lecture! Can you even tell me the names of the great Avatar Aang's Earthbending sensei?!" His attempt to belittle Matteo failed miserably.
    " Yeah, it was Toph Bei Fong, soul child of the very wealthy Bei Fong family. She was born blind and learned Earthbending when lost in the badgermole caves, she often competed in underground Earthbending tournaments as the 'Blind Bandit' and later traveled with the Avatar to defeat Lord Ozai, She was also totally bad-a** and created metal bending." Matteo spoke in a condescending and muffled voice, since he did not bother to raise his head from a sleeping position to answer.
    A very baffled and demeaned Mr. Riese turned and walked back to his white board, figmental tale between his legs.
    " How'd you know all that?!" whispered Kora Tei, a Fire nation exchange student that sat next to Matteo in class.
    " I was laying on my book." Matteo Laughed pointing to the text he read aloud. " of course I added the 'Bad-a**' part to shut him up."
    The bell rang and Matteo left the room for lunch. He walked into the courtyard filled with food arts and hundreds of students, all wearing cleaner versions of his uniform.
    "You should really wash that dingey thing" A male voice came from behind him. " People keep thinking we're poor."
    The voice belonged to Enzo, Matteo's twin brother. They were almost-identical twins; Both lean, tall and olive-skinned with jet black hair. Enzo was the quiet one, his hair straightened and medium length, his Sapphire eyes framed by thin reading glasses he didn't really need. His uniform was pressed and tidy, unlike his brother's. Matteo was lazy and loud; His uniform was always disheveled, usually dirty and rarely worn properly. His tie was used as a belt and his Emerald eyes were framed by long, unkempt black hair that fell to his shoulders.
    " If people think we're poor then I can get free food out of pity!" Matteo laugh while gingerly punching his straight-faced brother in the shoulder.
    "Yes, um, well, I actually have a reputation to uphold. Maybe if I just say that you are a freak cloning accident.." Enzo joked.
    School let out a few hours later and the two boys walked home, leaving the 'Yue of the Moon Private Institute' behind them. They walked quickly out of excitement; today was their sixteenth birthday and their mother had promised a special surprise. Along the way they were greeted by various townspeople and friends, wishing them a happy birthday. They lived in Aquet, a small town in the relatively new Water nation province near Ba Sing Se. Their mother was a world renound healer and a very powerful Waterbender. The boys both learned Waterbending early on and their skills surpassed most of the athletic benders in school, yet neither bothered to join any team.
    " MOM! WE'RE HOME! GIVE ME STUFF!!" Matteo sang, barreling into the living room while kicking his shoes off. Enzo remain quiet and he slowly removed his shoes and hung his book bag with care
    " Yes Mother, We're home." Enzo added softly.
    They entered the kitchen to find something completely unlike the warm greeting they'd imagined. Instead there was a single note hung on the refrigerator, it read: Sorry boys! I was called away to the Eastern Air Temple. There was an accident involving a Storm ox that wandered in; An entire class of young monks were badly injured. I'm taking the Earth-Trolley so I may be gone a few days. There's plenty of food in the fridge. Love you! P.S. NO WATERBENDING IN THE HOUSE! I MEAN YOU, MATT!
    " I feel so loved..." the sarcasm leapt from Matteo's lips.
    The saddened twins proceeded to eat their "Birthday Dinner" which consisted of soup for Enzo and sugary cereal for Matteo. Their silence made the table seem so much longer as they sat on opposing sides. The single overhead light seemed to do nothing. After dinner the boys went about doing their own things; Enzo showered, changed into his flannel pajamas, and picked up a book to read by the fireplace, Matteo also showered, put on some boxer briefs, and felt satisfied with his wardrobe choice. He wandered through the house unable to settle on doing any one thing, that is, except for annoying Enzo with the occasional lewd joke or pillow to the face.
    " If you don't mind, I'm trying to read!" Enzo spoke through clenched teeth, holding his glass of water poised to drink.
    " AW, you're LAME! how can you be my brother, you're so boring!" Matteo flick a paper ball at Enzo. Then another, then another, then another; Flick, Face, bounce, flick, face, bounce.
    " THAT'S IT!" Enzo jumped into action, throwing his book aside. He pulled the water out of his cup and held an orb of water midair.
    " MOM SAID NO WATERBENDIND IN THE HOUSE!" Matteo hid behind a pillow that was to small to cover his head.
    " She said for YOU not to waterbend," Enzo smirked, " and besides, she said nothing about this!"
    Enzo twirled the water around his wrist and formed a slushy white snow. He then split the slush into about a dozen small snowballs, he launched one that hit Matteo on his naked chest.
    " COOOOOLLLDD!!" Matteo cried out, running from the snowy sting he was about to endure.
    " COME HERE WEAKLING! YOU WILL PAY!" Enzo attempted a booming manly voice, and failed; He chased his unarmed brother into their large back yard.
    Enzo launched another snowball at Matteo's back; he screamed and looked frantically for a weapon.
    " THE TIDES HAVE CHANGED NERDY YOUNGER BROTHER!!" Matteo threatened, jumping into the shin-deep water of their Koi pond," AAAHH! COLD COLD COLD!!"
    " I'm only younger by three minutes, moron." Enzo teased with snowballs in orbit; he was swiftly slapped in the face with a small koi named Fifi, who rather disliked being used for violence, as she was a pacifist.
    " HEY! NO FISH!" Enzo warned, creating a bubble of water around Fifi and placing her back in the pond.
    " Fine with me!" Matteo chuckled while streaming water into a dirt plot of unplanted flowers. He quickly jumped into the mud forming floating mud balls.
    A pale tint flashed across Enzo's face; it was then covered in mud.
    " Dirty play is it?" Enzo garbled through his muddy lips.
    Enzo lifted the mud off his face with a flick of his wrist and assumed a fighting stance- Matteo mirrored this. Matteo, being brash and impatient, made the first move. He stepped forward and gave a powerful windmill kick, sending streams of wet mud towards his brother. Enzo blocked fusing his snowballs into a thick icy shield. He melted the ice and drew more water out from the grass on which he stood, leaving a withered brown circle. Enzo stood straight letting the water spiral skillfully around his body. He punched towards Matteo, sending three snowballs which Matteo redirected into the mud and launched back at his brother, who engulfed them in a floating tidal wave. With a yell the two boys lashed out full force in playful fighting one might see between two lion cubs. They drained the water out of the mud and grass , leaving it clear and glistening in the light of the full moon. Matteo whipped his brother then was pushed down by a ball of water to the face; he responded by lifting his brother in a reverse whirlpool, the Dizzy Enzo dove deep into the whirlpool and shot out two tentacles of water that grabbed Matteo and drew him in. They fought in a floating arena of water for what seemed like hours. They finally ended in a draw, laying laughing and wet in the mud.
    " Happy birthday bro" Enzo smiled and waited for a response. Silence. He turned his head to see his brother in a trance, eye's glowing brightly as he faced the moon.
    "What the? WHY ARE YOU-?! No! why is this--?!"
    His angry rant was cut short as his body began to tremble. He felt an overwhelming light shine over him and shine through him. The world around him grew warmer and brighter, until he could see nothing but white; he was floating in nothingness. It was immensely bright and hurt even to squint. After a minute or so his sight began to focus and the nothingness around him grew darker, revealing stars and planets. He was now floating in space, looking down at earth, to his right, his brother hung staring in awe at something. Enzo turned to see a titanic glowing figure with a blue arrow on his forehead.
    "You are chosen, young ones," Spoke the being " To share the burden as one."
    "WHAT'S GOING ON?!" shouted Enzo
    " LIKE I KNOW?!" retorted Matteo
    The figure dissipated into nothingness and the boys were left hanging in space, a white aura of light around each of them.
    They awoke the next morning in their beds, dumbfounded and convinced last night was a dream induced from a slim dinner. They made their way to the kitchen after their individual morning prep.
    " I had the weirdest dream last night..." Matteo brought up, reaching for an apple.
    " Yeah, me too..."Enzo responded, banana in hand.
    The boys said no more and headed off to school, leaving behind a very dry back yard and a very confused koi.