• There is a girl
    In my little world
    I always think about
    She's perfect in near everyway
    This I would never doubt
    But in comparison to me
    I feel so lone inside
    For I am just a jester
    In the courtroom of her life
    A princess and a puaper
    These two things could never be
    Could such a beauty love a beast
    On the inside like me
    The daydreams
    Never ending still
    A constant torment now
    For these things show me what could be
    Instead of how things are right now
    Sometimes they make me lose a grip
    On my reality
    And drift asleep into a land
    With her there right beside me
    Why can't I shake this feeling
    We could be no more than friends
    But my heart aches for her touch
    It must have her
    Before my story ends