• He gripped the bandages tightly with his normal hand as he delicately wrapped his right arm up all the way to the shoulder. He hadn't had to removed the bandages for quite some time, and secretly feared doing so, for he knew that eventually the infection that so plagued his arm would spread throughout his body, rendering him helpless to it's will. After he finished, he continued walking down the road toward the next village along his way. He chuckled a little as he remembered the look on that last villager's face. Classic.
    A sharp pain shot up his right arm, causing him to hesitate for a moment. He could feel the eye that obstructed from his shoulder fidgiting around as the whole arm seemed to pulsate. He could feel it. It was reacting to something nearby. He felt the black from his arm creep up onto his neck. Then suddenly it all stopped. Everything was as before again. He reached up and felt along his neck with his left hand. It had already began to spread. Whatever had excited his arm just now was speeding up the process.
    He closed his eyes and let the eye on his shoulder act on it's own. He could see the source, it was conviniently located in the direction he was headed, but he couldn't make out just what it was. He returned his vision to normal and began briskly jogging further down the dirt road. He needed to know what was going on.
    It was only a matter of minutes before he arrived at the next village. He was not fammiliar with this one. The Phantom read the sign that oh so humbly rested at the side of the gate.
    "Welcome to Festinbule." He read it aloud. He quickly turned away from the sign and headed past the gate and into the crowded streets. He pushed past the waves of villagers in search of the object of the infection's excitement. The arm began to violently pulsate again and he gripped it in pain. He looked ahead and something stealthily slipped out of the dorner of his eye. He looked again to see if anything was there but saw nothing. The arm continued to pulsate as the eye randomly moved about. He was sure that he saw something, but he wan't sure what. He pushed down a villager that stood in his way and jolted forward. He saw the blur again as it vanished into a nearby alley. Sharply turning around the corner of the building, he leaped in it's direction and felt as something wriggled in between his amrs. His right arm grew ever more excited and started to rip itself free from the bandages.
    When he opened his eyes, he gaxed upon what appeared to be a little demon of some kind, with skin of the same color and texture of his arm. It's eyes burned like hot colas as it writhed in agony attemptin gto free itself.
    "Well, what do we have here?" The phantom said in a giddy tone as he stoop up holding the creature in one hand. "You're a nasty little runt aren't you?"
    It let out a loud hiss then bit his right arm, easily tearing past the bandages and sinking into his ashen flesh. He howled in agony and tossed the little devil to the ground. The black on his neck spread further, It now covered the bottom half of his chin. He went to grab the imp again but it scurried away, crashing into some trash cans before finnaly escaping. The Phantom grimaced, both because of pain and of humiliation.