• Sweat beaded on my forehead as I sprinted through the forest. A White Tailed Deer darted swiftly through the trees in front of me and a strong, feral smell erupted from the fleeing from. I soon realized it was the smell of fear. I was closing in on my prey when that white bobbing tail disappeared and I knew the animal had tripped. I closed the remaining distance and soon finished off my prey. As I leaned down to take the first bite........

    I sat upward quickly, gasping for air from my dreamt chase. I found myself on the floor of my bedroom chilled to the bone by a cold sweat. But worst of all a red, thick liquid dripped from my mouth and fell to the floor leaving a russet stain.

    It was a month later and I had told no one about my mysterious nightmare. To tell the truth I was scared to tell anyone. They would think I was crazy or something and I would become a joke, a joke who belonged in the looney bin. But I soon found out that soon the secret could not be kept.

    " Cheeseburger hats are awesome Rob!" said Maddy

    " Stop yelling! You girls talk to loud. Be mature for once. A reasonable hat is not a Cheeseburger hat."

    "How would you know! By the way I will NEVER be mature.......ever."

    Maddy was probably right about one thing. She would never be mature. Maddy was a hyper yet shy girl who in my opinion was very pretty (and for all you pervs I am not a lesbian!!). My little group of friends were a bunch of morons/queers and Maddy was an all to good example. Rob on the other hand was techincally in our group but did not apply to the morons/queer rule. He was very mature (and in my opinion slightly boring with his grown up talk and I-hate-my-life atttitude) and was a huge dork. He loved reptiles and had a tall, stalky figure that reminded me of a corn stalk. Tall and skinny. Way to tall. Not to mention freaky looking braces and he wore the same pullover EVERY DAY. The other people sitting near me included Jessy (a complete pervert who forgets her lunch Monday Tuesday, Wednsday, Thursday....and oh yeah Friday), Holly (another also very tall skinny person who enjoys others pain, loves martial arts, and is in love with an anime charecter called Itachi stare ) Liz (a hyper tree-hugger) Sam (a girl you can never make mad and loves Penguins)and Kristina (the school freak). Rob is the only guy and he still hasn't quite excepted that.

    "Yes I know...*sigh*...but a guy can try can't he?" said Rob in a failure tone.

    "A guy can try but your not one!" said Jessy in her abnoxious, perverted way.

    Everyone turned their gazes either in laughter or a warning glance. Usually I would have given her a high-five and Rob wouldv'e said something that was supposed to make me mad but today I just sat quietly picking at my food in an uncaring way. Maddy, my best friend of all these people, had asked several times what was wrong but I was reluctant to tell her and always shrugged off the question. A month had passed and the dream had occured again but this time I noticed a similarity. Both dreams had happened on the full moon. Now I was freaked. I had woken with a deep scratch on my leg. In my dream I had been fighting a rabid racoon. It had bitten me on my leg. Exactly where the scratch was. I felt sick. I didn't know if it was from the scratch or I was just scared. But I felt terrible.

    "Ash, you look really pale. Do you feel okay?"

    Everyone turned to look at me as I ran out the door and into the girls bathroom. I heard footsteps approach as I was puking but I was so sick I hardly cared. "What is with me?" I wondered. When I finished I slumped to the floor, not enough energy to make it to the nurse's office. Maddy came in and sat next to me on the floor. For a minute no one spoke untill Maddy's motor mouth found the on switch and started talking. Fortunatley it was a quiet, deep talk that she spoke and from the change I began to listen.

    "I know somethings up." Maddy said "Why won't you tell me?"

    "Ill tell you tomarrow" I promised weakly and then I passed out.

    I woke up in a docters office my frantic mother and a emotionless face looking right at me from above.

    The blank face I soon discovered was a doctor and since I had just turned twelve I was given my yearly physical while I was unconscious. This creeped me out. This weird dude toughing me? A shudder ran down my spine as he began to speak.

    "While I was examining you (I didn't like the way he said examining) I discovered a bite mark on your leg. I tested it and its severly infected with rabies"

    My mouth swung open and memories of the rabid racoon and the real pain I had felt while dreaming quickly swam through my mind and I knew I had to figure out what was going on.

    To be continued.....