• I got out of my desk and proceeded to my next class. The rest of the day was slow. I met Mitch at his car after school.
    “Hey Sammy how was your day?” Mitch asked as I walked up to his car.
    “Slow, very slow.” I snapped.
    “Whoa! What happened?”
    “Stupid new kid, that’s what happened!”
    “ME!?” He asked in shock, oh yeah completely forgot he was new too.
    “No, no, no. Kid in my math class.” I said as I got into his car.
    “Oh, are you talking about Seth Stealth?” He asked. I guess I never caught his name, just as Mitch said that name the kid walked by the car.
    “Him! Right there!” I said to loudly.
    “Yeah that’s Seth.” Mitch said as he pulled out.
    “Well he’s a complete Jerk.” I said
    “What did he do?”
    “He started breathing funny. I asked him if he was okay, he snapped at me, he then wouldn’t stop staring at me and so I grab a piece of notebook paper and wrote on it, ‘take a picture it will last longer, idiot.’ He then wrote back ‘Try to act a little more mature then that.’ I wrote back, ‘look who talking stalker.’” I told Mitch, he laughed.
    “Not your best come back, Sammy.” I said slowly so I didn’t scream, or overreact or something. He laughed.
    “Thanks a lot.” I said. “Real support!”
    “Calm down, I’m sure he didn’t mean it personally.” Mitch said as we pulled up to his house.
    “Sure that’s why he glared at me all period,” I mumbled under my breath. “Hey is your sis going to try to kill me again.” I asked worriedly. “Because if so, I would much rather go find that new kid and asked to stay there… I think I would have a better chance of survival there.” I laughed, he found it a little funny and he chuckled.
    “Don’t worry about Arial, I won’t let her hurt you again.” He said with fierceness, but he also said it with calmness too. It was strange, I have never seen him act so…so protective of me…It made me wonder.
    “I believe you.” Was all I said as I got out of his car. We walked into his house without a word. I sat down and began my homework, and missing work. I may be a werewolf but I do have responsibilities. I then heard low whispers coming from the other room.
    “Mitch! Tomorrow is the Full Moon and I bet you she’s not going to stay the night here, if you know what I mean, and I know you know what I mean.” I just barley heard. It must have been Arial, but how did she know of the Full Moon?
    “I bet you’re wrong!” Mitch whispered to his sister. I decided to figure out what was going on, I got up and walked into the other room.
    “What’s going on in here?” I demanded.
    “Why don’t you tell the truth about yourself to Mitch?!” Arial said calmly and after she was done talking she gave me an evil smile.
    “W-W-What truth?” I stuttered.
    “You know what truth!” She smiled again.
    “I-I-I…I don’t know what you’re talking about!” I glared at her. And then she attacked. I don’t remember quite what she did only that I woke up in the bed that I had awoken that same morning. I slowly came back to reality.
    “Sammy, are you okay?” Charles asked worriedly.
    “Yeah, I’m fine.” I said weakly. “What time is it?”
    “Midnight.” Azial said.
    “Oh…what happened?”
    “Arial got a little up set and well attacked you, she hit you in the stomach and once in the face…we thought she broke your nose but it was a false alarm.” Instinctively my hand covered my nose. It hurt a little.
    “Ow!!!” I suddenly felt a terrible pain in the back of my head…again.
    “She made you fall to the ground pretty hard…” Charles whispered, probably because he was ashamed of what his daughter had done.
    “It’s okay…I have always been prone to accidents.” I was still to weak to get up so I lied in the bed.
    “I wouldn’t call this an accident.” Mitch got out of his chair and over to the bed.
    “Then what would you call this?” I asked.
    “Well this isn’t the first time she attempted at killing you.” He twitched at one word in specific.
    “Well this would have never happened if I wasn’t in the store that one day…” I said.
    “I’m so sorry she has done all this to you…” Mitch said.
    “Yeah, I think were all sorry for the trouble she’s caused you.” Azial said.
    “It’s fine…I have been in worse pain.” Well it was the truth; this wasn’t half as bad as when my father and his gang would get to me.
    “Really like what?” Azial seemed interested, but I couldn’t tell her without giving any secrets away.
    “Well…I don’t really like to talk about it…there kind of sad to think about…”
    “Oh well it’s okay dear.” Azial said to me before I fell asleep. I woke up and looked over at the alarm clock. It said nine twenty-seven. OH MY GOD!!! I’M LATE.
    I quickly got out of bed and changed my clothes. I went in to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Mitch walked in.
    “What are you doing?” He asked me.
    “We’re late! I’m getting ready!”
    “We’re late?” He rubbed his eyes.
    “Yeah its past nine thirty now!” I said as I ran out of the bathroom and collected all my things and shoved them into my bag. He was now up getting ready too.
    “READY?” He yelled from his room.
    “YEAH!” I yelled back. He was then behind me.
    “Okay lets go!” He said and we ran out to his car. We didn’t really say much to each other on the way there.
    We got there, he parked his car and we pretty much ran into the office to get our late slips.
    “What’s your excuse?” The attendance lady said as if she weren’t even going to pay attention to our excuse.
    “My car broke down, and then we tried to walk but she sprained her ankle.” Mitch lied but since the lady wasn’t paying attention the lie worked. She wrote up the slips that said excused.
    “ I hope you get better.” She called out before we walked off. I limped out of the room as to make it more real.
    “Good acting!” He laughed.
    “I thought it was.” I laughed too.
    “Okay, meet me out at my car.” He smiled.
    “Alright,” I smiled. “Right after school.” I promised. I walked off to my class…oh yeah…Math.
    Great. I got to the door and took two deep breaths before opening it to enter.
    “Thanks for joining us Miss. Smith.” My teacher said as I walked to my seat…and there he was…watching me again. I sat down and he smiled at me.
    “You going to pull out a piece of paper today or would you rather us continue this fight tonight?” What did that mean?! I laughed…
    “You mean like a date?” I laughed again
    “If that’s what you want to call it.” He didn’t laugh he looked at me with serious eyes. You know what, all these new guys are starting to freak me out…first they look at me funny and then they’re asking me out on dates…
    “You know by hanging around me, your going to end up unpopular, with no friends…” I announced.
    “ I didn’t come here for popularity.” He said and I began to blush.
    “Wow…a date…um…you know what how about you give me some time to think about it…” I said.
    “Sure, take your time.”
    “Mr. Stealth, Miss. Smith is there something you would like to discuss?” My teacher asked.
    “Nope!” I said.
    “Good then be quite, I’m talking!” We shut up…I then heard whispers behind me.
    “Did you hear that, Samantha is going on a date with the hot new guy!” some girl said to her friend.
    “Who could like her?! She’s absolutely UGLY! And she has no friends!” Man the reality of those words made a tear run down my face. The bell rang and I got up and ran to the bathroom with tears in my eyes, Seth followed and not only that Mitch seen me run into the bathroom.
    I heard yelling from the outside of the door,
    “Sammy are you okay?!” Mitch asked, I didn’t answer.
    “Samantha?” Seth yelled. I needed to get out of the school. But at this point in time I was stuck in the bathroom.