• It was a rainy day. The villagers have all went home to their houses to shelter themselves from the pouring rain. As part of the hospital's staff, one should not dally beneath such downpour in fear that one may get the worst case of flu or worse, pneumonia. Putting all those factors aside, I stay behind after the recession of my friend, Uzumaki Naruto.


    "Hm." What was this man doing here? Doesn't he see that I want to be alone?

    "Go home. You'll catch a cold if you stay here all day." I didn't budge. "That's an order."

    "No thanks." wasn't he the man I was spying at two years ago whom I caught staring at this very stone under a turbulent rainstorm? And what gave him the right to order me around outside a mission?

    "Sakura..." he growled.

    "Leave me alone sensei!" tears started to well in my eyes. I fought them back. i promised myself that i won't shed a single tear even though the rain would not make them that noticeable anyway. the man whom i've known as my mentor did not leave. He simply stood there. "Sensei..."

    "i thought i told you not to call me that anymore... sakura-chan."

    i noticed a hint of warning in his voice. now he thinks this is the time to joke! i whip around to face him and yelled, "naruto was killed because of me! he died to protect me! why is it always me that gets to leave the battlefield unscathed while my friends do?" i searched for a reaction, none did he give. i straightened myself up and turned to face to stone again. "i know why you come here every day sensei. so you have no right to tell me not to."

    the rain continued to pour down on us. i stayed for several more minutes and not once did i notice him move from his spot. i turned and started walking, ignoring his presence as i passed him. i was taken aback when a hand held a firm grip on my shoulder. "remember sakura... that naruto did not save you to become like this," i looked at him, my tears brimming. "he wants you to be happy."

    "HOW THE HELL WOULD YOU KNOW WHAT HE WANTS?" i shouted back pulling my arm free from his grasp. "ARE YOU HAPPY? if not, then you have no clue what he wants hatake kakashi!" by that i stomped off.