• Chapter 1: Uneven Differences

    “I’m so tired.”

    “How come?”

    “I guess I was thinking to much last night.”

    “What were you thinking about?”

    “A guy.”

    Habiki held his breath and continued to stare at Yuri. ”Who is he?

    “Well he’s older then me. He’s sweet, kind, and gentle but he can be somewhat of a bad boy sometimes.”

    Habiki stopped in his footsteps and looked at Yuri. “Wait Yuri.”


    Yuri looked back at Habiki and smiled. Habiki slowly walked up to her and became nervous. “Um...I was wondering...”


    “If you um...would...”

    “Like to go out?”

    Habiki quickly froze up when she finished the sentence for him. She obviously knew what I was think. Habiki gave a sigh of relief. “Yes.” Yuri smiled and then grabbed Habiki’s hand. “Sure.”

    “Thank god.” Habiki blushed brightly when Yuri grabbed his hand. “So who was that guy you were thinking about?”

    “Oh don’t worry about it. He just asked me out.” Yuri gave a slight wink to Habiki and laid her head on his arm. Habiki blushed even more this time and then smiled as the two walked away.

    Two Years Later


    Habiki ran in the thick fog franticly looking for Yuri. “Yuri!” Habiki stopped and then saw someone far away. “Yuri?” The figure in the fog continued to walk ahead as if something was calling it. Habiki ran after it yelling at it. “Yuri!” Habiki tried and tried but it just seemed the more he ran after it the farther it got. It was like he wasn’t even moving at all. “Yuri! Wait. Don’t leave me.”



    Habiki woke up from his nightmare. He was sweaty and felt hot. He placed a hand over on his forehead to brush away the hair from his face. He looked over at his alarm clock noticing that it was going off. The time read 6:30 A.M.. Habiki turned the alarm off and slumped out of his bed. “What a nightmare. Well better go take a shower.” Habiki, a 17 year old, is a Senior at Tokyo High. Habiki has blue eyes and brown hair. His hair has a habit of being messy so it sometimes covers his eye. He likes it better that way. He's the best in his class and the most athletic as well, but the thing is he doesn’t like sports that much and he doesn’t really care about school. He only stays there for Yuri. The only sport he has joined is track which is pretty fun for him. Habiki is quiet and really nice but sometimes he has an attitude and can be really rude. It's mostly when he’s with Yuri that he’ll be all nice and caring. He is the most popular guy at school and every girl loves him. Though there is one thing that separates him from all the rest and that one thing is not just a little difference. It really makes everything so much more difficult. He is a human and looks one but he is not all human. He is a half breed. He is half-human and half-demon. Yup just like you heard it. Habiki Hokkadio is the son of a human and a demon but not just any demon. His father is The King of Darkness. And being the son of the greatest and most vilest demon of all means that Habiki is The Prince of Darkness. And if that wasn’t enough to give him stress he father is tracking him down to kill him. The whole thing started when Habiki was very little. After being born his father, Yami, abducted Habiki from his mother and brought him up to one day take his place. The thing was that Habiki grew to strong for Yami to control and was going to have his son killed. The night before little Habiki was to be put to death, a masked figure in the shadows put a magical pendent around Habiki neck called Yami’s Jewel. It was owned by Yami and it had mass power contained in it. The shadow took little Habiki away and left him in the human world in front of a house. Lucky for him that person that lived there was Habiki's birth mother so of course she took him in. As soon as Yami heard that Habiki was gone and had taken his jewel he was enraged with furry. He wanted his prized possession back in his hands with his son either dead or alive. Habiki has lived an alright life until two years ago when all the demons found out that he was in the human world. He has been fighting them for two years but will keep going until he can bring Yami down. “Ahh that’s better.”

    Habiki turned off the water for the shower and got out. He grabbed a towel and dried himself off. He threw the towel on his head and dried his hair. Habiki looked in the mirror and saw his hair was really messy but that was the way he liked it. He wrapped the towel around his waist so that it would cover him up. Habiki opened the door of his bathroom slowly looking through the little crack and seeing no one. He opened it and the door let out a odd squeak as it opened slowly. That made Habiki quite mad so he opened it quickly and then closed it behind him as he got out. He silently tip toed to his room dripping water with every step he took. The lights were all off and it wasn’t that bright outside so it was a little hard to see for him. In the attempt to get to his room he bumped into a table and almost broke one of his mom’s most valuable possessions. It was a vase that had rose’s painted all around it. It was a gift from her mother right after she passed away. That had happened a day before Habiki was found by his mother. That was close.

    Habiki knew that if that broke that there would be direr consequences for him. He then continued to walk to his room and opened it slowly and walked in, closing the door behind him as well. Eight minutes later he came out ready to go to school. He walked in the hall way with his backpack thrown over his shoulder. Habiki stopped at a mirror in the hall and looked at it. He looked down at his reflection in his school uniform and was mad. “I hate having to wear this damn uniform.” Habiki took an apple, put his shoes on and walked out the door. With the apple in one hand and his other hand holding on to one of the straps of the backpack, he walked down the street to his school. He took a bite of the apple and looked around. He lived near the city so even at night there were still cars going driving down the street near his house. There was a lot to do in the city. He liked going to the library and reading books but sometimes that got boring so he would head to the nearest arcade and play video games with Yuri. He took another bite out of his apple and look up at the sky. Doing so always remind him of Yuri. Yuri was Habiki’s everything. Habiki loved her very much and wanted her to have the best life possible. As Habiki was day dreaming he heard the laughter of girls. There were some girls on the other side of the street giggling and smiling at him. As usual he ignored them and continued to walk ahead to school. Habiki took a bite from the apple once again and then saw the school not to far away from where he was standing. He took another bite from the apple and then sighed. “Finally.” As he got there he noticed everyone staring at him. The girls were all smiling just wishing Habiki would pay attention to them. The guys didn’t pay to much attention to him unless they were...well you get the picture. See the reason why Habiki didn’t make many friends is because he hated all the attention that came with it. Habiki walked into the school throwing away the apple in the trash. He walked up to his locker and put his backpack in it. Wonder if Yuri will be here. Habiki stuck his head in the locker and closed his eyes. “I’ll just rest for a bit.” Soon after the bell rang altering everyone that class was about to begin. “Uhh I’m to tired. Five more minutes.” Then came Miku. Miku is Habiki’s Freshmen friend. She has brown hair just like Habiki but brown eyes. She can be a bit of a pain and sometimes annoying but Miku is like a sister to Habiki. They have both known each other for a long time. They were friends from childhood. Miku came walking to his locker and noticed his head was in it. She became confused and then curious. She felt compelled to poke Habiki and see what would happen. Her finger slowly made its way to poke his side. Just then she was successful and Habiki jumped and hit his head on the ceiling of his locker. “Ouch!” Habiki let out a huge yell and everyone still in the hall stood still. Miku became confused and then looked at all the other girls. They were infuriated and wanted to hurt Miku. “Umm hey Habiki.” Habiki stuck his head out of his locker and saw Miku right there looking innocent as ever. “Oh hey Miku. What up.” Miku smiled and leaned on the lockers. “Not much. Did you not get enough sleep last night?”

    “Not really. Had a bad dream. Hey so why are you late?”

    “Oh just normal excuse...Nala didn‘t want me to leave. She held onto my leg and cried the whole time. It took me awhile to get her back to bed.”

    “Ahh I see.”

    “Yup. So shouldn‘t you be in class right now?”

    “I don‘t feel like going to class right now.”

    “Oh so your going to ditch for today?”


    “Ok well good luck with that.”

    Miku noticed all the girls around the two were so amazed that Habiki was paying attention to Miku. If you were a girl, seeing Habiki give you the time of day was like a dream come true, but being friends with him was all you could ask for and then still there were girls that wanted more. Miku looked at all the girls and grinned. If only they knew what he could do to them. If Habiki wanted to he would snap all there heads off. Miku smiled back at him and then looked at her watch. “Well I’m going to let you get on with your plans. See you later Habiki.” Miku took off and left Habiki without another word. All the other girls soon left and Habiki was alone. “Well might as well leave.” He closed his locker and walked down the hall. Habiki got to the class but didn’t go in. He sat outside with his back against the wall and started at the other wall. It's quiet. Is this how all the teachers want the rooms to sound like? Habiki became very bored. “Why is it so hot?” It true. It was late November and yet it was hot. “It’s supposed to be cold or at least windy.” Habiki took out his cell and called Yuri. “Ring...Ring...Ring...”

    “Come on answer.”


    “Yuri. I’m so glad I got...

    “sorry I’m not here at the moment...”

    “Damn it!”

    “so please your name and...”

    Habiki felt stupid thinking it was Yuri. “Where is she?” Habiki decide to get off the floor and stop whining. He walked down the hall and saw a door that led all the way to the roof. He opened the door and walked up the stairs until he reached the top. She stood at the door and held onto the door knob. Before twisting the knob to go outside Habiki contemplated with himself. What if there’s is a teacher up here?...Oh what the hell. Since when have I cared about getting in trouble. Habiki opened the door and looked out noticing Sora laying on the floor. He walked to her and was bored still. Maybe if I poke here she’ll do something or entertain me. Habiki gave it a try and poked Sora in the stomach adding a little something. “Get up you lazy bum.”

    “If you ever call me that again I’ll kill you.”

    “Someone’s moody this morning.”

    Sora is Habiki’s friend and she’s a demon as well though she is a full demon. Not half. Sora has blond curly hair and blue eyes. She has a temper but can be a really awesome friend if you get to know her. Habiki gave a small laugh and then sat down right next to Sora. Sora laid there with her eyes closed and sighed. “So what brings you up here?”

    “Nothing much. Just felt like coming up here. What about you? Shouldn’t you be in class right now?”

    “What about you Habiki? You shouldn’t be talking.”

    Sora got up a bit and looked at him as if she was disappointed. “I guess I shouldn’t.” Habiki laid back looking at the sky while smiling. “Hey Sora.”


    “Do you think me and Yuri are just wasting are time?”

    “With what?”

    “With liking each other.”

    Sora looked at Habiki quiet confused. “Why do you ask that?”

    “You know just as well as I do that me liking her and Yuri liking me is against the rules.”

    “I understand that but do you really think she wouldn’t love you because of that one rule or because you both come from different places?”

    “Well no.”

    “So then why do you ask that question?”

    “Because I don’t want Yuri to go to hell!”

    The tone in Habiki’s voice had become more rough then before when he said that to Sora. He got up and looked at the sun. “Yuri was given rules when she came to the human world...one rule was that she couldn’t fall in love with a demon including a half breed. Why did she break it?”

    “She did it because she loves you.”

    Habiki and Sora both became quiet and nothing else was uttered. Sora stared at Habiki and sighed. “Habiki...” RING! The bell for the next class had just rung and Habiki turned around facing the other way. “I got to go.” Wings came out of Habiki’s back and he flew away. “Wait Habiki!” He was out of her sight and gone. Sora sighed and laid back down. “Stubborn basterd.” Habiki flew in the air and was going to go home to rest when he felt something was around. Something evil was around him. Something is here. I can sense it. Habiki stopped and looked around. At that same time Habiki felt something posses him and he felt that he couldn’t control himself anymore. He soon landed in the back yard of someone’s house. “Yuri.” Her parents were not usually at the house because they worked early in the morning so her parents wouldn’t know he was there. Habiki slowly walked to the door and looked in noticing no one was in the living room. He opened the door slowly and walked in closing the door behind him. Why am I coming into Yuri house? What is this demon going to do to Yuri? I got to get free. He heard nothing and no one so he decided to walk to Yuri room. He tip toed to Yuri's room and opened it to see that no one was in it. “Yuri?” Habiki walked around her room wondering where she was. “Where did she go?”

    “The shower.”

    Yuri, Habiki's girlfriend, stood behind him wearing only a towel. She gave off a smile that would brighten up any room. Though she was a Freshmen and Habiki was a Senior that wasn’t going to keep them apart. Yuri’s hair was really always different and never the same hair style or color though she does have her natural color. No one has seen it except for Habiki. Her eyes are green and she has a very slender body which is good enough for Habiki. Habiki has an athletic type of body and Yuri enjoys it. She is really wild but there are times when she knows to stop or not go ahead with it. She is a human...well at least looks like it. She is really an angle. No joke. She is not a demon or human, she only looks human. That why there’s that rule. Yuri was dripping wet and Habiki’s back was towards her. He eyes turned a dark red color as he turned and faced her. “So why are you here?”

    “Well I didn’t see you at school so I got worried.”

    “Aww your to sweet...”

    Yuri no don’t fall for it. It a demon. RUN!

    “but it's nothing.”

    “Ok well if you say so but I want to stay if that ok.”

    “Sure. I don‘t mind.”

    Yuri walked to her closet opening it and searching for something to wear. Habiki slowly closed the door behind him and walked to Yuri. He stood behind her and grabbed her hand. He turned her around and stared into her eyes. There faces soon got closer to each other. “Habiki?” Yuri blushed very brightly and became almost breathless. She noticed his eye were a different color but she didn’t really care. Habiki slowly leaned in and kissed her. He moved back slowly without breaking the kiss. Habiki was now full of lust towards Yuri. He wanted her right now. Yuri get away from me. Kick me. PUNCH ME! Yuri pulled away from the kiss and looked at him with her hands holding tightly to his t-shirt. “No Habiki. We have to stop.”

    Thank god.


    “It isn’t right.”

    “Yuri don’t you love me?”

    “Yah but...”

    “Then we don’t have to wait.”

    Habiki grabbed Yuri by the arms and held her right there. Got to stop. He threw Yuri on the bed with great force. His eyes were demonic looking. Yuri looked at him and was confused. Habiki never acts like this. Why is he doing this now? Yuri saw something in Habiki’s eyes that weren't right. He’s being controlled or possessed by a demon. Before Habiki could get Yuri she pointed her right hand at Habiki, showing her palm. At that moment a bright light shot out and hit Habiki. “Ahhhhhhhhh!” Habiki became weak but finally was free of the demon that possessed him. It vanished from his body and Habiki was in control again. “Habiki?”


    Habiki fell right beside Yuri on the bed. Yuri looked over at him and smiled. I did it. I saved him. She laid him perfectly in the bed and threw the covers over him. She walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. Peace and quiet.