• one day in Avilin,Cunbury . Roxes rode to his club they were called "The Investagators".The club had Roxes,Jake,Max,and Karen.The club meeting place was at an old store called"Kenneth's Store".The owner is Kenneth or Kenn.When Roxes arrived Kenn was already
    passing out the cards.Roxes!What took you so long?Asked Karen.Nothing said Roxes.
    Well then ,lets begin this game of "Beware"(played in the 1840's).You are in a battle against the forces of evil.Unarmed ,no weapons no potions nothing.All you have is eachother .Will you fight or run?said Kenn.FIGHT!!they all shouted together.Roxes was using a Marceinkle against the
    slayer.Roxes was in the middle of the battle when it was time to go home.First,he said bye to his friends and rode off into the darkness.When Roxes got home he went to his room.Then on the bed he saw .....THE SLAYER!!!!!!IT CANT BE?????He said to himself.His mother couldnt hear him scream.Cause she was asleep.Roxes stood there frozen in terror.Then the slayer lept at him he closed his eyes.Waiting for the pain.Then a burst of light came sorring through the window when he opened his eyes the slayer was gone not just the slayer the light.
    It was then he knew it was only the beggining.....
    To be countinued..........Next is Chapter 2 The Finding